Friday, August 12, 2016

Just keeping my head together...

I thought I'd share a little tag I made during the 
week and in the middle of ... well everything...
Recognize the feeling?

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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Have Bog Roll, Will Travel

Well!  Even in polite company, at the end of a loooong trip, there's always an uncivilised rush for a toilet.  And Make It Crafty tickled my off-beat sense of humour as I loaded up my cart.  Now I don't often use digis, so it was a challenge to work this way, especially regarding the colouring in aspect - so many talented colourists out there... and how was I going to fill the backgrounds?   I'd recently watched a Stencil Girl Club-only video about making waves.  So, pencils and stencils.  Everything was designed as one piece, printed out to be a journal page, then coloured & stencil-coloured in front of tv episodes of Outback Trucker, and the log burner.
In the race for the Dunny, you wouldn't want to lose your roll of toilet paper overboard.  Made by winding some white ribbon round a bit of kebab skewer, glued into place.  I love the Flying Machine, and been looking forward to using it for ages.  With the Olympics coming up, what could be more fun than a race between steam-in-air versus sail-on-water once I saw the Sailing Leaf 

Some coggy washi tape was used as a frame, the "sun" was a piece of energy drink can die cut, and to set a scene with the finished piece, I've "accessorised" with some more cogs from Things To Alter

Waves and sky from Stencil Girl
If you're reading this in the Smallest Room" on your ipad/phone..., please don't flush your reader when you're finished.

Enjoy this take on steampunk and our common theme: "Anything goes: dark, weird, odd", and add your own wacky weird or daaark makes at this link

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Winner's Post for July 2016~ Sponsor Rubber Dance Stamps!

Hey there!

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Without further ado......

The winner of some real rubber stamps by Rubber Dance is....

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Monday, August 1, 2016


Welcome to August!

All of here at Dream in darkness want to extend and amazing huge thank you to Bibi and Rubber Dance Stanps for sponsoring us!! And another awesomely warm thank you to all our new players, thanks for sharing all of your enormous creativity!

Summer, here, and August rolls on, we have a fabulous sponsor to spend some time with, Make it Crafty! Make it Crafty kindly supplied the creative team with a digi stamp each and we have the treats to share below! Visit the Make it Crafty shop to see all their wonderful stamps, shipboard and great tutorials.

Up first is CT Anne:

Last time Make it Crafty sponsored us, I was rather taken with the houses, and used the rusty can house.  The next one I wanted to play with here was strongly steampunk, so "everyone" decided steampunk was to be our theme this month.  But it's funny how external matters influence one's art.  As I pushed my trolley through the web site, I spotted several Australian stamps. Outback Truckers is on tv at the moment, and I'm sooo sad I couldn't get to the Art Is You retreats over there this year... so when I spotted it, I had to have it -the Great Australian Outback Dunny!

Over there, the landscape really does look this red, and much of the roading this rough.  But you'll have to come back later in the month to see how it was weirded into a steampunk theme.


CT Nan has "Jet Propelled Santa" making a crash landing into her house's roof!  
He seems to have started quite a fire with his arrival!

He has kept his sense of humor, however,
and has a big grin on his face as he holds tight to his ski poles.

A close up of the impact....some of the prezzies are safe
but alas some seem to have caught fire and are a bit scorched :(

Luckily, Sky 5's helicopter was nearby to get this awesome overhead view of the crash scene!

Fabulous Nan!

Here's what came out from the Clockworks House
when CT Granne got her hands on it ...
it became a part of the android from New Zealand.

...the heart is ticking...

... but the rust is coming closer ...

Love it Granne!

From CT kim, a digitally layered composite using two physical pages and some digital papers.  The story is built up around the wicked Metal Shrooms digital stamp!


Hope you enjoyed these treats! Come back on August 7th for the July Winner's Post and in a few days to see Asylum Anne's surprise!

Link up your fabulously weird- odd -dark- digital or otherwise creative creations 
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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Museum Display Cases, or Christmas baubles?

A recent trip to a museum, so many blogs deciding this is Mid-summer Christmas, more gorgeous Rubber Dance stamps... did I mention some chippies came with last month's escargrot from Sari as a challenge to include?   Not to mention those "Christmas" bauble-blanks that have been hanging round for ages awaiting decoration.  So I was inspired to do some makes - that I've now discovered, do NOT reward night-time photography  (oops!!!)

Scrapiniec chipboard mermaid is trapped behind seaweed (weeds) seated on a decaying shell.  One side of the bauble was painted yellowy on the inside, then other pearlescent colours on top (inside), then Stazon, mushrooms stamped on the outside.  To stamp on these curved, slippery surfaces, ink the rubber, let it sit in your cupped hand, and roll the bauble over it.

Then there are the chipboard men, trapped, sex slaves, too susceptible to a kiss and a sexy corset:

 stamped under, "sex slaves" - just in case you hadn't got it!  Kisses (lips) were stamped all around the join, so they "sealed" both halves of the bauble.
As if that wasn't bad enough, he's stuck to some "Goldilocks" - a brand of metal pot-scrubber over here!!!  That white "light sabre" is the reflection of the fluorescent light I was photographing under.
 Then there's a winged lady beating at the outside of her cage, with a previous trappee reduced to skeleton
Her silver background clearly labelled on the reverse, as a food container, all ingredients listed, YUMMM.  The black 'shrooms on yellow background are the other side of the mermaid piece.

A daylight view of this can of fairy - why do I do things that are beyond my photographic skills!!!  Just get out your own baubles and have fun.  And if they turn out creepy, weird or dark, share them with us...  We Understand.... 

There are still a few hours left to appease the Frogster, so link up you weird odd creepy stuff and be in the running for some wicked cool Rubber Dance (real!) rubber stamps!

Come back on August 1st to see the new mayhem 
in store for you! muahahhahaha

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Dancing with the Flowers with Ink Bottle Bodies!

Love these little fairies with their ink bottle bodies! And they wanted to dance with my lovely flower Bibi sent me with my order from Rubber Dance Stamps so that is what they are doing and having so much fun!

I used a kid's large Go Fish card to back my embossed paper that I used way too many Nuance Powders on but ended up liking it :)   I used a flower from the Textured Flower Set and my fairies are from the Fly Mail set at Rubber Dance Stamps.
Come play with us this month just a few more days left at Dream in Darkness so jump HERE and leave your entry with the frog man!

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Think You Can't?

Of course you can!  If we insane teamies at Dream in Darkness share anything with you it is that you can do any crazy, weird, odd, anything that makes your heart soar!  Leonardo was considered quiet insane with his drawings of flying machines but was he crazy? Nope and he never thought he couldn't and Mona from Rubber Dance is here to inspire you to do the same!

Used packaging and some Holtz's papers and the fabulous Mona Lisa from Rubber Dance and a great sentiment from the "Think Again" set from them, too!

Come join us for that chance for some lovely rubber from the amazing Bibi at Rubber Dance Stamps at Dream in Darkness HERE