Sunday, January 27, 2019

Bridge-Building and the December 2018 Winner!

Welcome back to one and all! Today we have an awesome journal layout from Asylum Anne.
Please read to the bottom and find our December Winner, too!

Three years ago, I broke a tooth so thoroughly it had to be crowned.  A few months ago, it fell out, got cemented back in and told 1-2 years before something more would have to be done.In that no-work season between Christmas and New Year, I left a message on my dentist's phone... guess what?  Yep.  I got seen the first day they re-opened.  He cemented it back as a temporary measure only, and once "The Lab" opens, moulds, extractions and design of a bridge will get under way.   For those of you who shiver and quake at the mere though of going, I bet your mouth resembles the Kaisercraft candelabra below (split to provide upper & lower teeth.)
Isn't that a great dentist's challenge? And of course, You Can Trust Me... I'm a Dentist.  So there's the story within the story.  See you all at The Murder House!

Much as I love my dentist, there are times when "building a bridge" just doesn't fix life:

There are so many ways for the bridge to "fail".
The page started with Stencil Girl subliminal skulls, incorporated stamps from Blank Page Muse, Mad RatAndy Skinner and various die cuts.

I can thoroughly empathize with Anne and I do dread a dental appointment, how about you?

Our fantabulous WINNER for December 2018 is...
ready PLAYER 1----- Tina with your wicked straw topper! Please email be your snail mail info so some happy mail can start the journey! Email

Don't forget, we are waiting with bated breath to give the 20th dark sharing above, some goodies.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Happy Fellow

Totally felt like coloring something
- it's been a while since last time.
Life tends to take over your hobby time.
We had had lots of snow and it keeps coming
and coming and coming.

But, anyways, this happy chap was a perfect
little thing to color and made an ATC.

Mr. Skelly stamp is designed by Rick St Dennis and sold by wonderful red rubber store (and more) Blank Page Muse.

Do link up your wicked, cool, artsy makes, altered thinkys and other art you have created. After our hungry froggy gets 20 links, this cool stamp will be heading somewhere in the world. 

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Time to Go...2018 is GONE

Here we are, welcome back and WELCOME 2019!

This year we are changing things up a teeny bit. We'll still be here to provide some wickedly cool darker makes for you in the hopes you will return the favor to us!

But, instead of a strict monthly challenge, our linky will be ongoing so it will be super easy to see all the amazing projects shared in one place! It will work this way, the challenge is now open. Once we get 20 entries, your DiD team will vote on a winner based on that block of 20. Then the next block of 20 starts and so on and so forth. Make sense?

To kick off January 1 it's Asylum Anne:

Farewell 2018, or with all that blood, is it farewell cruel world?  Either way, when it's time to go, it's time to go.

Benchtop sample "cards" are good and sturdy to work on with texture pastes, and have a ready-made backside background..

Granne made these awesome cards with bright colors to kick off the New Year!

Our first block of 20 creators will be in the running for this awesome stamp:
So create away and linkup with us soon!

Have a darkly creative day!
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