Friday, July 19, 2019

When rubber balloons haven't been invented...

In Jane Austen's day, there were no balloons, so what could one fly?  Plenty of skulls around... so let's take our protest of over a week of frosts to the skies with one - we're freezing to death after all!
All stamps are from Blank Page Muse.  I sprinkled embossing powders over Andy Skinner's Lava Paste for both the clouds (Peppered chantilly enamel) and frosts (Fractured Ice)  for some subtle colouring, before heating it up.  And because it's such a colourful "balloon, here's what it looks like in rubber:

We are sooo close to rewarding one of you with some goodies - 2 more dark and weird show'n tell on the column to the right......>

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Altered playing cards

I found a deck of playing cards that
are the size of ATC cards.
Had to get the deck - of course.

And then I swap one of my ATC's 
and got these fabulous stickers
with the brilliant ATC card.

Just knew I need to make a mess, :)

This is my fav card out of 4 I made

My daughter liked this one.

Here are all four

Let us see what you have been making this summer!
Looks like froggy there----->
needs just few more links and these
goodies are of to someone among entries 21-40.

Monday, July 1, 2019

Blood at the Opera and the music on...

What happens when you hit that Top D note?

Escaping the Asylum at the start of winter was so imperative, Anne was even willing to suffer a 10-hour then 13-hour flight to attend 2 days of Andy Skinner workshops at Lets Be Creative in Rogate - about an hour's drive south of Heathrow airport.  Except I was driving from the Fens, and the GPS decided to take me back into London instead of taking the M25 - adding 2 hours to that drive.  So my own singing could have been a little sour by the time I got there.  But Lovely Brigitte had organised a "billet" with, would you believe it, another kiwi!!!  Thank you Lois for the comfy bed, good company, I hope you still have some pineapple lumps left :) 
Below is the class we did on day 2, with plenty of Andy's new product, lava paste, in use.  I didn't dare stay to the end of the class in case of holdups somewhere along the motorways, but as it turns out the baggage queue at Heathrow was "short-staffed"  - would you believe once we barged through the queue to get our boarding passes, we then spent almost 4 hours in the queue trying to hand over our baggage, with barely time to get some nibbles before the boarding call came.

Such a sweet image, but of course once I got home to finish it off, there had to be blood and destruction - wine-glass-shattering music can have that effect, even if they are plastic, from Silver Crow Creations
So why on earth didn't I grab another flight across the channel to visit Sari while I was "in the area"???

Ohh, why indeed!!!??? That would have been totally, absolutely brilliant!
Anne would have been very welcome to my humble hut.

So Anne made a Opera art piece, and the culture off arts
continues with music:

Sentiment from Visible Image stamp set and the skull
from La Scraposphére's range.

So what has the summer heat made you create?
Let us see!
Looks like froggy there----->
needs just few more links and these
goodies are of to someone among entries 21-40.