Friday, July 31, 2020

Riding off into the Darkness

It seems everyone is socially distancing this year, even within the www, our Dark Dreams faltering under the weight of pandemic and indifference.  Maybe life is so scary there's no room for "imagined scary".  Whatever, Dear Reader, you have become almost extinct.  And so, this is our Last Post.

Asylum Anne has had time to find more random stuff in her stash, and this symbol of Georgette Heyer's Regency-period novel abductions, elopements and other social misdeameanours, reinforced by Jane Austen re-runs on tv, is a 7 Gypsies carriage.  Quite how it rolled in to the Asylum is not known, but it was there to be found, rather worse for wear:
The wheels have been hot-dipped in embossing powders several times to strengthen the rust, and texture paste scraped over the panelling to fill the holes.
Then the painting began:
Someone was slacking off for a while!
Doors rehinged and given "windows"
Inside, the carriage was fitted out with lace fabric, and bench seats recovered in leather:
A bunch of strange people turned up wanting a ride
 And were invited to travel with us:
 All aboard, and the Darkness Dreamers travel away from this blog, searching a more populous Community of Darkness and Creepiness:


The Final Winner of our Darkness Challenges is... Cathy with awesome entry number 34
Please contact us for your reward, choose either this very lonely skeleton:

or this set of cling mounted rubber stamps:


And with heavy hearth I (Granne) also say goodbye to
this little blog I have so much treasured.

And with these movie inspired ATC's I wave to all you wonderful artist that
shared your art with us during these years.

See you in the blogland!!

Thursday, July 16, 2020

Someone squealed.

And the world coughed and caught a pandemic.
But the world's dreams have been pretty dark this year, and Asylum Anne is safe in her covid-free country (apart from the returning expats who get 2 weeks quarantine in luxury hotels at taxpayer expense before being let loose).  But all those taxes are taking their toll (mentally, at least), so she has been using up random things in her stash:

AND shopping "locally" led to painting up some critters from Abstract Designs  When you go to their site, you will find her Prime Minister and Director of the Ministry of Health are cult figures honoured in laser-cut mdf as well!  They offer a choice of veneers, but that didn't stop paint sticking to the 2 I tried.
Wetas are a native insect of decent size, and will bite, so stay back!

 Only assume an insect is dead if it is upside down... MAYBE...
Not to be confused with Weta Workshop, who do all the wonderful and scary effects for movies such as Avatar, Lord of the Rings.

This dragon was found hanging to the back door:

With winter setting in, it's probably hoping for a feed!  The chippy pieces were covered in heat-gunned Jacquard Lumiere paint.