Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Thanks to Seth Apter for a Great Two Months!

This is CT Nan with a short post (running late!) to thank Seth Apter for a fabulous two months of his sponsorship!  We have all had a fantastic time making projects with Seth's awesome projects!  Even Evil Froggy has made some art journal pages :) 

This canvas painted with Grumbacher acrylic paints and Transparentizer, has one of Seth's Large Journal Coins with are so great!  I  can't keep from stamping them up and playing!

So thanks to Seth Apter for the fun and thanks to all of you who entered and good luck!  I know you can't wait to see who gets a prize from Seth Apter!

Have a wonderful March from Dream in Darkness and just a hint:  March has a special surprise, also, so don't miss checking us out tomorrow!

Saturday, February 25, 2017

The Month is Two Short πŸ‘€

There are a lot of leftovers on the table, and I'm not waiting until next Christmas for more tools.  Meantime...  X marks the spot - 10 layers of X, with blood dripping from the third layer down.

Poor Santa, who would want to be out detecting (badly) in all that sleet, having to stay out of warm chimneys... but lucky for us, he's still Santa, and he's guaranteed now to have more wonderful goodies (not that I'm waiting until then, are you?)
Policeman from Viva Las Vegas stamps
Cityscape and Sticks & Bones stencils from Stencil Girl (who also have all Seth's stencils.
Barcode stamp and Drip Drop Die both from Seth Apter, Spellbinders have just listed his Broken Maze die too, wahoo!!!  Christmas again!!!!!

AND... through the month, I've been altering 2 teaspoons for a swap.  With all the Seth-tools littering my desk, of course they got involved too -  Robo Star die, Discovery and Inside Out stencils.  I crocheted the flower in ecru, sprinkled with Lindy Stamp Gang Magicals, then spritzed with water.  It looked a bit bland, so I swiped bits with Stazon Black Cherry

After Nan's Moon life, and David Bowie's appearance, let's Test the theme "There Is Life on other stars" - True or False?
From the back: granular gel over Paynes Grey paint, a better view of the angelina fibres, and how useful the holes in more layers of the star die are for poking brads through:)  It's tricky stencilling over the curved surface of the spoon bowl, especially when it's been coated in flowersoft.

And the whole teaspoon from the front:
Time to wrap them up and mail them off

We hope you've enjoyed the past couple of months of our playing with Seth Apter's wonderful "Artist's Helpers" as much as we have - from the number of times we've all posted, you can see we all were greatly inspired - and I'm sure they'll be popping up in many more blog posts.  Yours as well as ours πŸ˜‰

It's not quite too late to enter your own dark/weird/off-beat but NEVER CUTE or even a hint of cute, makes in this month's challenge here to win something of Seth Apter's talent.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Behind the dust cover....

... you'll never know what could be waiting.

But I totally had fun making this big tag.
Using just papers, glue and die cuts - well, yes
two pieces of ribbon were also involved, :=D,
...and some spray colors and Inktense pens.

Fabulous round die cuts are made using our awesome sponsor's dies.

For a chance to win some stamps from  Seth Apter
to make our evil froggy content
to let us hop to your blog, FB page to see your art:
link your strange /alternative / dark projects

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Alpha Centerion Moon Life with Seth Apter's Products

You always watch the old movies and new where the people are forced off earth to live on the moon which has been colonized.  I wanted to convey what that would kinda of be like using a few dies and a stamp.  Would all life be scientific?  Or would man take his love for words and music with him and carry on our love of all of the arts?  I choose this choice for my Alpha Centurion moon capsules that have landed on the moon!

I used a product testing product from Grumbacher called Magic #3 which was gold multi colors and makes fabulous texture!  I decided I had to go over it with silver paint due to the little photo holders having silver elements.  I stamped the Alpha Centauri stamp by Seth Apter on the back of each "pod" and randomly on the "moon".  Each pod has a sentiment stamped on it from Hampton Art's I think? and acetate put on top before adding the red ribbon from a Christmas bow from the Dollar Tree with the Drip Drop Die set by Seth.  I also put in some silver beads for shaker pods before gluing the acetate and red down.

I hope you enjoyed my trip to the moon in the future but it is time now for you to get back to earth and get us an entry in HERE!

Friday, February 17, 2017

Drip Drop Drip Drop

  • Summer Rains or sweat in the South?
  • Melting Snow in the North?
  • Hero-ing Seth Apter's Drip Drop die?
  • Life is full of rules
  • Long lists of them
  • Bullet-pointed
  • Going on forever
  • and ever.
🌟 1   From my Not-PC journal/altered book:
Heroing the "surrounds" of card after cutting the die out. The yellow is the page underneath.   They look like bullet points as each makes a different point.

Also used Billboards stamp set, Spinners  stamp set (Word Spin), Unfinished stencil
And from Rubber Dance stamps, the zebra rhinoceros, who is telling us we must use Butterflies in our work, not zebras!  Yeah, right... who's he fooling???
The lowest "bulletpoint" was covered in Goosebumps, and the texture seems to have gravitated to the ink of the stamp underneath:

🌟 2  Jar Labels:
Must be time to go fishing to pickle some more!

Used the DeMengted Derma technique over the DripDrop die cut (tinted the crackle medium red first), and used Kroma Crackle the trad way (tinted yellow) for the inner label which was glued to the back of the diecut.  A light layer of pouring medium over the yellow crackle so it stays on, and a dab of gel medium behind the cabochon, and it has survived whereas the newt eyes have all been eaten.

🌟 3   Name Badge:
I actually started doing several to take to a class to share, but it didn't eventuate.  One side of the card had metal foil glued to it then over-stamped using Thunderstorm.  The other side had stamps, stencilling and random painting.
 After cutting dies, the inner one was turned round, so each "tag" shows both sides of the card at once.  Since I'm not handwriting names after all, I've used Spellbinder Art Nouveau font dies, cut then glued together 5 layers of  each letter, then added several layers of embossing powder over them:  They stand very high above the surface, and stand out well.

🌟  4  Spider's nest:
Converted to a spider's nest by wrapping a fluffy yarn round the ring part to cover it completely, with a few criss-crosses to later glue the cabochon with spider to the front, and a label to the back.  The drips have lilac flowersoft glued to them.  This could be turned into a brooch if you glued a fixing across the back.

🌟  5  David Bowie's Comet
Is there Life On Mars?  

It rather flew off on me into a Fat Book page (6" x 6"):  The front & back pages started with a layer of black tissue crumpled down, then a layer of blue tissue lightly crumpled, with some stamping using all 3 stamps of the Faded Fragments set, and Spinoff in the Roundabouts set.  Some Robo stars diecut out of the "paper" florists use these days.  Some stardust (kindy glitz).  David Bowie is framed in a comet of Golden's Pearl mica flake medium, and the skully one done in kroma crackle.

🌟   6:   The Inside pages:  NASA sent a robot in a spaceship, and apparently found enough "evidence" for Martian Life, that as Comet Bowie whizzed  past us headed that-a-way, David must have hopped aboard to check it out.  Of course, he doesn't need to wear a space suit any more, just a gauzy shroud.

Blue tissue paper was stamped as for the other side, before crumpling onto the page spread - without any black paper underneath.  Looks rather different than with the black under.
Once I saw Seth's pieces in facebook using the CHA releases (drool), I completed the page without text, until the new Alpha Drips stencil could get to me from Stencil Girl (along with some others haha) - and then I used the wrong colouring agent (pen) for the text so it's not as crisp as I would like... maybe star nebula dust got in the way πŸ˜„

🌟   7  The quick-witted will remember this picture from 1 February's post - and realise it changed once the pieces got onto the page:
Layers of dies can give quite a different effect to using pop dots in random places on a cutout.  The left-hand one has two layers glued on top of each other, then heat embossed with 3 layers of embossing powder, then another layer of reds and blues along the drip line. Under it is a skeleton leaf.  Why?  A veil over a mystery.  Under that are 2 more layers of the die glued together with the edges painted yellow, and glued offset, ie not aligned with the edges of the upper layers.  That gives more dimension to the frame.   A bit flamey all round, and the leaf/veil floats above the surface, giving more depth to the face underneath.

The right-hand one is a layering of 3 different dies:  in red the Robostar die, then a white dripdrop, then a robo ring with blue embossing powder.  On top of them is Kaisercraft's Nutcracker die, looking suitable robotic.  After putting this piece on the page, the robot was too busy and indistinct, so I cut another one, painted it gold with Jacqurd's Lumiere paint and glued it on top of this one..

🌟   8   Robo star dies frame the starburst stamp from the Faded Fragments set - made to measure!  For other subtle texture, stars were diecut from florists "papers"  I suggest you try a heat gun on each first before glueing down and heating to hurry the drying!  One melted, one evaporated.  And the mesh-like sheets need to be sandwiched between two sheets of paper if they're to cut through.

🌟   9  You can get all of Seth's goodies direct from him.  If you're mad about stencils, they are made at Stencil Girl.  Dies, embossing folders and some stamps are at Spellbinders.  Others of his stamps are at Paper Artsy (did we mention he has a line of Fresco chalk paints with them too?) and still more stamps with Impression Obsessions

🌟   10  FINALLY...... (last bullet in the brain)  As I sweat in nearly 30-degree (C) summer heat, I see quite a few of you "northerners" have thawed out enough to put up your dark, weird, off-beat, definitely not-cute projects on our challenge.  There's space for more of course, add yours here and one of the darkest, creepiest, most off-beat pieces will win something from Seth's generous gifts to us.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Anti-Valentine's Day from Dream in Darkness!

Happy Non-Valentine's Day!  Sorry to say, some of us here at Dream in Darkness are just not into all the cute Valentine's stuff that is out there even though it quiet lovely!  But as you all beloveds know, there are far places to post sweet Valentine's than anti-Valentines!  So join us in our non-celebration!  Sort of like Opposite Day for the day :)

We are still very much celebrating having Seth Apter as our sponsor again for this month! 


Asylum Anne's offering a Surgeon's Anatomy Lesson
Since it's all about hearts...a Journal page spread.

Alpha Drips, Timeless and Transform stencils from Seth Apter aka The Altered Page
Inkspots and Roundabouts stamp sets also from Seth
Corset dress from Eye Connection
Heart milagro from Carmens Veranda
Calavera Con Flores, Creature Claw, various eyes, from Third Stone Stamps
Vintage Heart Diagram from Mad Rat

Passion's Lure

Always whispering....and waiting...
Crafty Chica's Sugar Skull, thank  you Asylum Anne
Seth Apter's stencils, Robo Ring and Drip Drop Dies
DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics & Metallic Luster, Modeling Paste
Drywall tape, Cardboard

I used a small alpha stamp set and stamped onto the shape left by the Drip Drop diecut.

Cardboard makes a wonderful substrate!
Lots of layers, paint and modeling paste.


No good Nan just plain don't like Valentine's Day cause it makes her sad :(  Then all the lovelies in the house tell her to hush up her caterwalling!  So you will understand her make!

I used a new set of round stamps by  Seth Apter that arrived just in time!  They are called Large Journal Coins and I love them!  Lots of paint (Grumbacher Transparentizer, acrylic paints, modeling paste) and gesso by Liqutex and layers of paste and stamps and paper.

Don't wait too long to play!
We hope to see your weird, odd, unique, or plain dark Valentine's in the entry box!  And the only one here who really does like Valentine's day but only the previously stated types is the Evil Froggy!  So blow him a kiss and get those entries in for one last chance to win from Seth Apter !!

Friday, February 10, 2017

Mysterious X OR eX.....

This is our 2nd month being sponsored by Seth Apter
and I'm so happy that I found his fab
designs and his awesome blog: 

AND FB group ... so much inspiration and eye candy

These ATC's are something I came up 
after watching one film at the FB group

Using Distress paints, Apter's stamps:
words are from Tim Holtz "Visual Artistry" set.
Embossing powder and sewing machine and this trio was ready
... so what do you think? 
Is the X the mysterious X or is it eX-? :=)

Do link your dark / alternative art HERE,
we'dd love to see it and you'll have a change to win...


Hugs, Granne

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

January's Winner's Post!

Well, we hope you have all survived and recovered from all of the holiday functions and back creating and making up a storm...not snow storm..a crafting storm!  Thanks for sharing your holidays with us and now for our winner for January!

#4 Senna

Congratulations! Please email us at dreamindarknessblog@gmail.com for 
your prize information!

Remember, this is our 2nd month being sponsored by Seth Apter so come play for a chance to win some goodies picked by Seth himself!

To show off some of the playthings our creative team has had the joy of playing with is No Good Nan with a poor snowman who reminds us that the weather we each love might not be what the next guy loves :)  This guy loves a lot of snow but he is down to two flakes soooooo tippy over .......?

 I used a tiny portion of the Drip Drop Die Set in very light icy blue flowing from his bent head and his body is composed of three  Alpha Centauri Cling Rubber Stamp  stamped and masked so he could lean a bit!  The stencil You Got This Stencil - mini is telling him he can do it!  The gold shiny X's are warning him things are getting a little dicey!

Your turn drop off your entries HERE ....NOW....OR that Frog will make our lives unbearable around here!  Please don't make us beg..... or make threats!!!!

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Fabulous February!~Seth Apter

Another fantastic month at Dream in Darkness sponsored once again by Seth Apter and we are still having such fun with the wonderful products he has available!  I am sure you would love to win this month of love....and just LOVE your winnings!  Here we go into February!

No Good Nan has found some long lost relatives from a family reunion in a slightly toxic water hole!  That elegant, well, once elegant hand holding the rose belonged to the most beautiful member of the family and after this dip in the water I fell in line as second in the beautiful line!  HAHA!  Gotcha!  But Seth's Drip Drop Die Set just oozing the toxic goo into the water where the unhappy swimmer's are loosing things ......fast!  The X from the die was perfect for my warning to future family members.  Also used the  Alpha Centauri Cling Rubber Stamp to help us as we threw those round thingies from land to try and save them.  Even the word YOU from Seth's stencil You Got This can't keep 'em out of that nastiness!

Asylum Anne is apparently going boldly forth - or at least sending someone forth.  Come back later in the month to see where they ended up, and why she layered the dies this way.

Curiously, Kim was more straightforward with an art journal page:

I love the Drip Drop Die, so fun and versatile!

All of Seth's fabulous stamps and dies and stencils 
can be found in his shop, HERE

My Watchman is cut from cardstock using a Tim Holtz die. Colors are DecoArt and Stabilo All Pencil, Black.

Play along or the Frogster might make rude noises...gotta play to win a set of Seth Apter stamps!