Sunday, January 31, 2016

About Grannies sneaking in almost at the Last Minute.

Since I played with this month's sponsor Bloobel's "Sick Boy" she has had fun in facebook asking for inspiration.  That resulted in some new digis, some of which I won.  So our sick boy is now sick for luuuurrrrve - of Boom Box Granny  And I am making 3-hour trips each way to spend most weekends visiting the "aged parents": dad fell, broke a femur and can only be fixed with complete bed rest - no cast, no splints, certainly no surgery.  Packing mum up for a rest home involves packing her jewellery, and a selection from her wardrobe.  So whilst fussy-cutting and colouring these two characters, my mind was dwelling on the reality of granny-hood but I reckon this granny probably has a few condoms in her handbag as well.  I've exaggerated here, taken liberties: this granny also has age spots, strange teeth, varicose veins and please don't ask why her socks are yellow, or her witches britches are brownish - that comes with the granny territory apparently... eventually.... maybe... unless she has a great load of moli-pads (Depends).  Grannies get given morphine for their gammy hips - I reckon she's sharing it with her boyfriend here!
 So let the music play, and let us all dance on - age is only a number on the boombox playlist.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Two sides ...

Jing ja Jang...
evil and good ...
cursed and blessed...
demons and angels...

Things tend to have two sides.
Here's Bloobel's  Flappy Angel  in a Art Journal page. 
Paints, tissue paper, stamps, glitter glue, copics added with a messy fingers and bucket of fun time, LOL.

Bloobel is another fabulous sponsor we have this month

So hop HERE and play with us and have a 
change to win win!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

A Fear of Heights

Who would have thought it - a Trapeze Artist family has a scaredy-cat amongst them, with no head for heights.  The SHAME of it!!!  They make him go up every night, but after tonight the Ringmaster has had enough - too many in the audience complaining about the green @#!!*%**# stuff spewing out over them!  Bloobel's "Sick Boy" initially brought up ideas of crawling through the desert, dying of thirst, but the circus theme has been in my head for a few months now and keeps taking over (but NO monkeys here.
I matted an 8x8 Graphics 45 paper over a random 12x12 page.  Two kebab skewers and some gold & silver rope make the Tightrope this poor lad is supposed to walk 6 nights a week plus Saturday & Sunday matinees.  I've become a fan of Faber Castell's big brush Pitt pens, the white does a great job at ghosting the boy - caught in the bright lights of the circus like a possum on the road.  The audience is made up of members of Lost Coast Design's Doll Border.  I stamped Sun & Stars border (also Lost Coast) randomly in the tent's roof cavity to give it some "texture".  And outlined the tent roof with dresden scrap bling and mosaic mirror tiles
Just to gross you out, the season's pile of "puke" - going moldy too!  Some stuffing "painted" greenish, some 3D Lumiere adding to the reality of stuff dripping down.

Why not join the fun this month? Are you scared? Buwahahaha!

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Evening snack

Hi there, It's Granne here, serving you a 
little ATC. I got a wonderful X-mas present from
the other side of the planet Earth and these 
stamps are from the huge amount of goodies I got.
(I must have been GOOD at some point of the year...
IiiIiiik, don't tell the froggie... )

How about that for a snack?

Please remember we have not one but two fabulous sponsors this month.

So why not hop HERE and play with us.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

December Winners

We know the holidays are tough and really appreciate the lovely ladies who took the time to play last month!  And awesome they all were, so here are the December winners!  

1st Place

2nd Place
 Andrea Norris 

3rd Place
 Susan Renshaw

Congratulations ladies!  Thanks for playing with us and please email us at for your badges and prize info for Monique.

Evil Froggy is forgiving the slow turnout last month much to our surprise so let's keep him happy and see your wonderful makes this month!  Start the new year off right with us at Dream in Darkness!

Enter the challenge HERE

Monday, January 4, 2016

The Circus is awol

Well, when they're not creeping us out at the circus, what do the clowns do for a vay-kay-shun?  Why, they head for the swamps... swamps of boiling mud to improve their complexions after a season's makeup.  The monkeys do what monkeys always do - exercise their curiosity bumps investigating the contents of some of the magician's props while he looks on almost as round-eyed as his Ass-istant (who he turned into a donkey for his personal ease of travel)

They toss the Elf-On-a-Shelf out, so he sulks on the fence and sabotages the mailman.  The worst juggler of the season has to practice for hours on end in the swamp, while witches fly above him trying to snitch his balls.

By printing the Mushy House out large I could open doors and windows to see who had checked in. 

I started by printing out our sponsor  Anita's Digi Art "Mushy House" on grey cardstock, and again reversed on white paper.  Cut the windows and door to hinge, and cut them completely out of the plain paper, to glue/tape to the insides of the door & windows.  The clown characters are "scraps" from Silver Crow Creations, as are the clowns.  The house was coloured, taped to a 12x12 page  of boiling mud. The spots on the mushroom cap, as well as the whole house, were outlined with glitter glue.  A "scrapbooking page" featuring bark shreds, and another of tree ferns (pongas) were also ripped and layered over the mud page.

The zombie hand from Butter Side Down was stamped on the page and also on a separate piece of blue paper, which was then fussy-cut, the bottom part removed, and layered over the image stamped on the mud, increasing the 3-dimensionality.  The balls it is juggling were drawn free-hand.  The Mail Monster from Third Stone Stamps was stamped on my fave fluoro green card, and fussycut.

The weird "plants" growing on the edge of the swamp are from stamp sets "Ville d'ailleurs: Urbania" and "Rouages auz petits pois" by Carabelle Studio but I bought them from closer to home, Time To Create in Australia - which we kiwis refer to as "West Island".
The witches background stamp is from Carmens Verandah

So, while the clowns are out of town, we can safely sleep at night... I hope! 

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Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year's and Welcome Back!

Notice anything different?  Oh yes!  We have been doing a bit of redecorating here at the old house and we are all inky, painty, and a right mess but so pleased with how it turned out!  We are putting a lot more focus on all things weird, odd, and downright mind blowing...but never, ever cute!  So to help us kick that off, the decorating spree!

This month we have two amazing sponsors and we are so happy to welcome them to our place!  First up, we have A & T Digital Designs Shop, home of the Emerald Fairies!

From A&T, Anita:

"Hey there I'm Anita artist/scrapbooker. 
I've always been a big fan for as long as I've known.. I love to paint ,draw and play with paper."

Digital art stamps shop

Facebook fan page

Here is what we made using the awesome stamps from Anita, thank you so much!

CT Granne creating with Binkie and Buzz

CT Anne
Started wondering.... about those circusses and monkeys, where do they go for holidays?  And what if you were born into a troupe of acrobats, but had no head for heights?  Here's a sneak peek of their vacation,  (using  Mushy House )

CT Kim
"Deep in the Forest"
Digital Canvas using Mushy House and Mischief Circus Marta van Eck Hotel Hell and Mycology(retired)

CT Nan
 using " Mushy House " with Mischief Circus' " Holliwood Fire 1" and "Happy UnBirthday" with an image released from the British Library.  He seems to be an "Arseonist" spelling courtesy of CT Anne with a hidden meaning :) and the story of Poe's death is revealed at long last!  Look in the upstairs window!  Edgar Allan Poe (Teddy Bear series) comes from Butterside Down Stamps.

Another awesome sponsor, also new, the fabulous Bloobel Stamps!


The most original, odd, quirky digis brand new to the scene!

CT Granne opening Art Journal with Sick Boy and Flappy Angel

CT Anne
My poor phobic trapeze artist is quite the Sick Boy 

CT Kim

Digital canvas using "Heart Spring"

CT Nan
using "Snowball Thunk" in "The Snow Battle" Canvas

So prizes to be won and lots to go look at and hopefully pick out a few things to play with!  And hope to see your name below with Evil Froggy who is totally not happy with last month's turnout...and we know what an unhappy Froggy means! 

So now it is your turn, go shopping and come back to share your awesome makes with us! Evil Froggy is waiting...