Sunday, July 31, 2016

Museum Display Cases, or Christmas baubles?

A recent trip to a museum, so many blogs deciding this is Mid-summer Christmas, more gorgeous Rubber Dance stamps... did I mention some chippies came with last month's escargrot from Sari as a challenge to include?   Not to mention those "Christmas" bauble-blanks that have been hanging round for ages awaiting decoration.  So I was inspired to do some makes - that I've now discovered, do NOT reward night-time photography  (oops!!!)

Scrapiniec chipboard mermaid is trapped behind seaweed (weeds) seated on a decaying shell.  One side of the bauble was painted yellowy on the inside, then other pearlescent colours on top (inside), then Stazon, mushrooms stamped on the outside.  To stamp on these curved, slippery surfaces, ink the rubber, let it sit in your cupped hand, and roll the bauble over it.

Then there are the chipboard men, trapped, sex slaves, too susceptible to a kiss and a sexy corset:

 stamped under, "sex slaves" - just in case you hadn't got it!  Kisses (lips) were stamped all around the join, so they "sealed" both halves of the bauble.
As if that wasn't bad enough, he's stuck to some "Goldilocks" - a brand of metal pot-scrubber over here!!!  That white "light sabre" is the reflection of the fluorescent light I was photographing under.
 Then there's a winged lady beating at the outside of her cage, with a previous trappee reduced to skeleton
Her silver background clearly labelled on the reverse, as a food container, all ingredients listed, YUMMM.  The black 'shrooms on yellow background are the other side of the mermaid piece.

A daylight view of this can of fairy - why do I do things that are beyond my photographic skills!!!  Just get out your own baubles and have fun.  And if they turn out creepy, weird or dark, share them with us...  We Understand.... 

There are still a few hours left to appease the Frogster, so link up you weird odd creepy stuff and be in the running for some wicked cool Rubber Dance (real!) rubber stamps!

Come back on August 1st to see the new mayhem 
in store for you! muahahhahaha

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Dancing with the Flowers with Ink Bottle Bodies!

Love these little fairies with their ink bottle bodies! And they wanted to dance with my lovely flower Bibi sent me with my order from Rubber Dance Stamps so that is what they are doing and having so much fun!

I used a kid's large Go Fish card to back my embossed paper that I used way too many Nuance Powders on but ended up liking it :)   I used a flower from the Textured Flower Set and my fairies are from the Fly Mail set at Rubber Dance Stamps.
Come play with us this month just a few more days left at Dream in Darkness so jump HERE and leave your entry with the frog man!

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Think You Can't?

Of course you can!  If we insane teamies at Dream in Darkness share anything with you it is that you can do any crazy, weird, odd, anything that makes your heart soar!  Leonardo was considered quiet insane with his drawings of flying machines but was he crazy? Nope and he never thought he couldn't and Mona from Rubber Dance is here to inspire you to do the same!

Used packaging and some Holtz's papers and the fabulous Mona Lisa from Rubber Dance and a great sentiment from the "Think Again" set from them, too!

Come join us for that chance for some lovely rubber from the amazing Bibi at Rubber Dance Stamps at Dream in Darkness HERE

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Just Like the Song Says Love Hurts

Hi lovelies!  CT Nan still hanging in there and wanting to show some love to the fabulous Bibi at Rubber Dance Stamps!  I ordered this set "Arty Hearty" from Bibi at the last minute for this month as my other stamps have gone hiding during my many trips to my house, the hospital, and staying at mom's and to my surprise they were in the mail today!  Fabulous service and the nicest lady to deal with EVER!  I have some shall I dare say?? pretty ideas for these awesome stamps but right now I am feeling the lyrics of that old song love hurts....even if it isn't over a break up or fight...loving someone completely can still hurt when we loose them or we are loosing them and can't stop it.  So here is my offering today with my whimsy girl's face saying it all.

Lots of time to enter our challenge at Dream in Darkness this month for some awesome awesome Rubber Dance Stamps so come play with us!  Enter HERE

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Night out with Rubber Dance and chippies

From Anne's amazing "Blue light District",
it's time to move on to a Party District
and have a night of the nights...


Silhouette is a chippie and all the colors are from DI ink pads.
Stamps from our fabulous sponsor, RUBBER DANCE:

Same background stamp combined with inks, melted crayon, 
chippie, glossy and sentiment from Visible Image.

Join the party and link your alternative, dark, weird, digital, hybrid, mixed media - anything but cute makes HERE
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Monday, July 11, 2016

In the Blue Light District~Asylum Anne

Following a phonebook pages paper trail, I was fortunate to get close enough as the sun set, that I could find it.  Though who could miss it, all light up brighter than a Christmas tree.  That definitely looks like a phone box...

Who are these creatures ranged round the top of the edifice?  Why are they there?  What more can I see before I'm called in for dinner?  In which case I'll have to hope it's still there come daylight.

Let's see if it's safe to open the door

After dinner I started some research.  That bottle labelled Dune - spice from Arrakis?  Those Aztechie aliens above, the sign "No (picture of missing part) Inside", the trail of phonebook pages.  By daylight I had done enough archaeological research to be pretty sure this was the 23rd Dr's long lost Tardis.  A severe malfunction had left it stranded, calling for help in as many "languages",  sending out signals in the hope SOMEone, SOMEwhere could come and fix it.  The size of the forest around it added weight to the evidence that this was, indeed, the Long Long Long Lost Tardis #23 .

Daylight, and some more evidence comes clear:
There seem to be a lot of broken parts hanging off the side

 On closer inspection, are these pages of the Repair Manual, plastered against the glass as a clue to rescuers as to what is needed, or merely pages from some Intergalactic phone book being used for insulation?

The other side:

And some closeups.  A strange mixture of patching the broken glass panes - part of the plastic bag the new phonebook arrived in... (can you see the prehistoric person stamped behind it?  He is there.

a mica patch, after a dinosaur broke some panes trying to get in and out again and is excreting its own Stupidity :

"They" must have tried posting a help message from Norway (stamp on an envelope from Rubber Dance!) Maybe insufficient address, as it's still here - or they haven't got the right flag up to tell the Intergalactic Mailman to pick it up.
Maybe T-Rex was after some shrooms

I sent DH's new drone up, and discovered a "helipad" precariously still attached.  And more of those alien az-tech guardians from Rubber Dance, one of them sending telepathic thoughts

While the drone is up, there are quite a few antennae trying to get a MayDay out:

A quick look at the back before we dare inspect and open the door...

Is that a ghost going through the wall, or something got too close to an atomic explosion?

Did you think you could avoid the 'shrooms this month??? No way!!!  Is the BluePlanet mechanic contemplating them as a means of escape, or has he been stuck there so looong they're growing from his feet...  Why is the padlock unlocked, when clearly one should Not Open .  There's a lot going on, so let some "detail" pics help

Inside, it is crammed with past attempts at repair, at propitiating the gods...

They even tried cupcakes - though how they cooked them, I have no idea, as blue light isn't very hot.

So after a solid winter's day "digging" into this archaelogical treasure, let us tiptoe away and leave the Paranoid Policeman to man his station until the Good Doctor returns with a repair crew.

So many subtle & not-so-subtle images from - text, or excerpts from phrases, mushrooms, Aztec dolls, runes & petroglyphs.
The phone box is from Things To Alter
Seth Apter's Drip Drop die as well as stencils found their way here
All sorts of other goodies have come from all around the galaxy (ok, world!).

Now for your treat!!

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Thursday, July 7, 2016

June 2016~Winner!!!~Sponsored by Rubber Dance

It is that time....time to announce our wickedly wonderful winner for the June 2016!!

Thanks everyone for such and awesome month, so many awesome makes!

After much discussion and no hair pulling(that we will admit to) we are pleased to announce the 
Winner for Challenge #14, June 2016 is.....

We looooove those uncommon swinging eyeballs!!

Please email us at 
and we will get you connected with 
Bibi at Rubber Dance for your prize!

We had so many amazing creations...

Honorable Mentions

#1 love those wild red 'shrooms by Ionabunny

#8 an awesome journal page with some odd folk by Anita

#19 perfectly grungy gift box by Sara, love that texture and rust!

Thanks so much for playing and hope to see you play again in July, too!

Thank you again
Free Shipping with code DiD6716 have fun and pick out some great stamps!

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Friday, July 1, 2016

July 2016~Summer moves with RUBBER DANCE~New Challenge!

Welcome Back to July!
We have a new challenge starting today, as always,
Any Quirky-Weird-Odd-Dark Goes, please not cute.

Returning this month is the Fabulous Bibi of Rubber Dance as our sponsor! Bibi has generously sent the Creative Team stamps to play with and will be providing our winner with a mini shopping spree, too! plus----Free Shipping, use the code below.
Make sure you visit Rubber Dance and tell her
Dream in Darkness sent you!

Rubber Dance is an independent rubber stamp company in Norway, owned by Bibi Lindahl who's been making stamps since 1999! Her stamps are mostly of the weird and artsy style and they are made of deeply etched red rubber. On the Rubber Dance blog you'll find lots of cool artwork by Bibi and her talented Design Team, and they also have several video tutorials on YouTube. 

As a special treat to all our Dream in Darkness fans, you will get FREE shipping on your order (worldwide) when you use this coupon code in the Rubber Dance web shop: DiD6716 
 - This offer is good during all of June and July. 

Let the Show Begin!!

CT Granne having her heart set

on a set of ATC's, stamped with a heart from the I Heart Art -set

CT Nan:

Rubber Dance Stamps:
Sarcastic Superstar
Collage Elements 1

CT Anne

Mysterious Discoveries

We've just had the 2016 phone books delivered in our area, so I wasn't surprised to see discarded pages lying around.  Being a Tidy Kiwi (except in my studio), I started picking them up, and wondered... it seemed like they had been discarded in an intelligent fashion, and I was following a trail.  If I was following a trail of phone book pages, might I come across a phone booth.  And if I found a phone box, might it be, could it possibly be... a Tardis????  Might I suddenly find a way to have all the time I needed to create all the ideas my Muse was generating??????
The sun had set as I approached it, guided by it being all lit up.  Uh Oh.

 (At which point DH came out, said "what's going on with all those lights", 
then said  "Oh, an artist!!!!"  Gotta love the man :)  )  
Come back later in the month when it's daylight for a guided tour...

CT kim
"It's all about the Dreams"

Rubber Dance Stamps:
Various Circles from Round in Circles
Thoreau & Dream Quote
Grunge Swirls
Face background(newsletter freebie) by Unky, The East Wind

Thanks so much Bibi! Your stamps are amazing and so fun!!

Make sure to go shopping at Rubber Dance

And come back to play!

Link up your weird, dark makes