Monday, July 11, 2016

In the Blue Light District~Asylum Anne

Following a phonebook pages paper trail, I was fortunate to get close enough as the sun set, that I could find it.  Though who could miss it, all light up brighter than a Christmas tree.  That definitely looks like a phone box...

Who are these creatures ranged round the top of the edifice?  Why are they there?  What more can I see before I'm called in for dinner?  In which case I'll have to hope it's still there come daylight.

Let's see if it's safe to open the door

After dinner I started some research.  That bottle labelled Dune - spice from Arrakis?  Those Aztechie aliens above, the sign "No (picture of missing part) Inside", the trail of phonebook pages.  By daylight I had done enough archaeological research to be pretty sure this was the 23rd Dr's long lost Tardis.  A severe malfunction had left it stranded, calling for help in as many "languages",  sending out signals in the hope SOMEone, SOMEwhere could come and fix it.  The size of the forest around it added weight to the evidence that this was, indeed, the Long Long Long Lost Tardis #23 .

Daylight, and some more evidence comes clear:
There seem to be a lot of broken parts hanging off the side

 On closer inspection, are these pages of the Repair Manual, plastered against the glass as a clue to rescuers as to what is needed, or merely pages from some Intergalactic phone book being used for insulation?

The other side:

And some closeups.  A strange mixture of patching the broken glass panes - part of the plastic bag the new phonebook arrived in... (can you see the prehistoric person stamped behind it?  He is there.

a mica patch, after a dinosaur broke some panes trying to get in and out again and is excreting its own Stupidity :

"They" must have tried posting a help message from Norway (stamp on an envelope from Rubber Dance!) Maybe insufficient address, as it's still here - or they haven't got the right flag up to tell the Intergalactic Mailman to pick it up.
Maybe T-Rex was after some shrooms

I sent DH's new drone up, and discovered a "helipad" precariously still attached.  And more of those alien az-tech guardians from Rubber Dance, one of them sending telepathic thoughts

While the drone is up, there are quite a few antennae trying to get a MayDay out:

A quick look at the back before we dare inspect and open the door...

Is that a ghost going through the wall, or something got too close to an atomic explosion?

Did you think you could avoid the 'shrooms this month??? No way!!!  Is the BluePlanet mechanic contemplating them as a means of escape, or has he been stuck there so looong they're growing from his feet...  Why is the padlock unlocked, when clearly one should Not Open .  There's a lot going on, so let some "detail" pics help

Inside, it is crammed with past attempts at repair, at propitiating the gods...

They even tried cupcakes - though how they cooked them, I have no idea, as blue light isn't very hot.

So after a solid winter's day "digging" into this archaelogical treasure, let us tiptoe away and leave the Paranoid Policeman to man his station until the Good Doctor returns with a repair crew.

So many subtle & not-so-subtle images from - text, or excerpts from phrases, mushrooms, Aztec dolls, runes & petroglyphs.
The phone box is from Things To Alter
Seth Apter's Drip Drop die as well as stencils found their way here
All sorts of other goodies have come from all around the galaxy (ok, world!).

Now for your treat!!

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  1. That is one awesome and intense make! Totally love the whole texture and lighting effect, brilliantly done :D XXX

  2. WOW x 10! Even if I don't get all the Dr Who references (*ducks*), this piece and your story knocks my socks off (if I had any on to begin with). There are so many hours of labour and thoughts put into this, which in itself is VERY impressive, and for any Doctor Who fan I understand that there is so much more. What can I say, but a big, BIG thank you, Anne, for sharing your awesomeness and out-of-this-world creativity with us and for showing ME how my own stamps can be part of it all, in more ways than I could even imagine. THANKS!!!!

  3. This project is stunning; textures, details, lights, story ... you nailed it all Anne!

  4. Hello,it's Sandie from Rhedd's Creative Spirit...sorry you weren't able to link up..there is a problem with links to facebook entries and that is if you aren't friends with one of our design team, we can't comment.We had a facebook entry before and I had to get Nan to let her know we couldn't comment...

    1. Thanks Sandie, that's why I keep my facebook "arty" albums Public, so friends aren't compulsory :)

  5. Dear Anne, OMG. What a fab piece. I love all the ways you used the Rubber Dance stamps and all the amazing details. Feeling a bit sorry for the smurf stuck in the door but maybe the minion will pull him out before they have to face the space time continuum again. Your post is a delight in itself. Keep up the weird and wacky. Hugz

    1. Thanks, so glad to fins there are people "out there" who appreciate my wackiness. As for the smurf... I saw the movie for the first time last week!

  6. Fabulous Anne! I love each and every bit of this amazing Police Box! Wicked storytelling and always a pleasure to follow! Thanks for playing at Things to Alter!~kim
    shhhh I am wearing my Things to Alter hat right now :P

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