Saturday, September 7, 2019

Beasty Time

Hi there, thought I'd share few ATC's I
made mostly combining digital elements 
from Gecko Galz.

Just added some color with markers and
little metal details.


We had our (entries 21-40) winners post HERE,

so Drea,
kindly email us at dreamindarknessblog (at) gmail dot com 
to arrange sending you your prize!


More goodies coming when there is 60 links in there ->>
These fabulous items will be 
moving to someone's house :)

So let us see your art!

Sunday, September 1, 2019

Mad Hatter

'Tis the first day of Spring, and wonderland beckons -post steampunk, and into electronic-punk?  Or cyber-punk?

Bobble-head seems a bit of a greaser.   What does Alice think about him?
Nope, neither look very impressed with each other.
Hatters went mad from poisoning, but this one should have had a long and productive life ahead of him:
But it's time to put some colour to him.  He has retained his lead-free status, but  zombifaction attacked.  His crepuscular disease has erupted out of a jar of Andy Skinner's lava paste.

It's even worse on his back, and it looks like he also had Alice's bug growing under his necktie.:
All in all, he suffered in life, and resurrection has been no kinder to him. Wonder what his wig was made from.... it and his hat seem to have survived best.

May the rest of us live long and prosper!
Meantime, we're still providing a forum for you to post your dark, weird creArtions.  WITH the incentive (?) of a prize every 20 entries.  Look right.