Wednesday, April 1, 2020


As the Covid-19 gets blown around a deserted world, like tumbleweeds in the desert, scientists still ponder the origin, and notice the positive side effects.

I had a lightly patterned piece of paper I didn't like, with a daisy  or sunflower in one corner.
There are bats from Smeared Ink (in recess), vivalasvegas stamps are responsible for the 3-skull bat, the cowboy-fence scene, the cowboy leading a horse (subtly altered text).  Bats were easy, I have many many batty stamps.  But not one pangolin.  So I took liberties and used Butter Side Down's Hylaeosaurus and Lost Coast Designs AUD mouse.  Both of them have scaly torsos, and a sort-of ant-eaterish snout.
And don't Seth Apter's spotlight stamps from Impression Obsession make marvellous virus-like shapes as a border.
This is an 8"x8" fat page, but as I've no idea how I will end up binding them, there is an extra half-inch at the left that will disappear into the binding process.  Over the past month I have been creating a few covid-19 related fat pages and posted in facebook - click along from here:

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Stay healthy everyone.

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Hippitty Hoppitty

Hippity Hoppity, 
this is a time for a bunnies and chicks.

So I made a few ATC's on the
spring theme but with the DiD twist

Inked ans stamped packgrounds,
Octopode Factory digistamp, colored with Copics,
sentiment from VLV .

So Hippitty Hoppitty get out of ...

Be well and stay safe.

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Winner(s), winner(s)

So, it's early spring time and sun has
been seen again in these Northern parts of Earth.
Time to do some spring cleaning
(=dig in to my box of scraps)
and enjoy the bright colors

See? Bright indeed, lol.
Stamp is from Blank Page Muse,
colored with Copics.

And now of we go to a fun winning part:

Sadly Paula has not contacted us yet,
so here'e a shout out PAULAAAAAA!
Your entry number 95 
has won 
this awesome skeleton stamp from CT member Anne
So Paula, please contact
us : dreamindarknessblog (at) gmail dot com
and tell where to send this great stamp.

AND we have full 20 entries for this year
and that means we have a NEW winner
and that's is
Sari K, entry number 10
this totally dark, cool and beautiful
Art Journal spread
and she has won this cool die

Sari K. please contact us:
dreamindarknessblog (at) gmail dot com
to get your die.

Friday, February 28, 2020

Inventors never die...

... they just get left out in a paddock with their "stash"
Unless you are "female" and want to ask someone to marry you, this should be March 1st posting!

A common rural sight is a stash of rusting vehicles and farm equipment in the paddocks, overgrown by brambles and weeds.  So here is our Inventor,
And like me, whenever s/he went to a beach, couldn't resist picking up the odd seashell to bring back.
Thanks to Creative Embellishments for all the brambles, skull and cogs for an altered 8x10 box canvas.  Their challenge mood board this month included a lady with swirly-spiky drapery but of course I had to go "dark" with these chipboard pieces instead!  And they thought flowers would be a "twist", so you got lace flowers - how warped are we???
I just wish I'd been able to capture all the nuances of the Lindy's Gang sprays that give some sparkle to the whole piece.  Being able to spread stash through the new craft room means I can find so much more- so many lacy bits to use up!  Not to mention texture-embossed bits of cardstock and some *shock* glitter glue

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Friday, February 14, 2020

Valentine???? Mate, yer Dreamin'

Ah Poe, what did you start??? Those @#!!#* ravens quothing "Nevermore" all over the place, then less than a month later all those pink-loving "romantics" are running round saying...

The mdf word is Kaisercraft I think.  The raven/crow is part from another Paper Whimsy Crow stand.  The squishy floppy skellies draped over the "sentiment" are from ali express, started yellow, were painted brown then some of the paint rubbed off as it should be.
The mdf has several layers of paint dabbed around, plus 2 of crackle paste.  I love interference paints.

We still need to see a few more of your dark dreams on display to the right of this, before we can award someone with happy mail.

Thursday, February 6, 2020


So, it's the Valentines month going on
... well, had to join the season,
but my make is kind of ANTI-Valentine

I made a base using cardboard and 
packing tape, pieces are ATC size

Then I covered the base from both sides with 
Sentiments are from TH sticker album.

Happy Valentine's everyone, hugs!

Saturday, February 1, 2020

How Spiderman got his uniform

Contrary to whatever is in the movie, there is a far more ridiculous/darker/shameful reality:
 Guano!  Or whatever you call the draconic equivalent.  Spiderman was resting in the bushes, avoiding persecution from some of Poe's ravens, when oops, a dragon flew by, perched, and relieved itself!  Stupidly, Spiderman looked up, and copped a faceful as well as all over his black disguise.
What more can anyone say?  The true story is out now.
All that's to be said is that the tale was outed with assistance from Creative Embellishments and Paper Whimsy
Of course I couldn't stop at using just one crow tree set.  The sun came out to reveal all the colourfulness of the next one:
 Paper paste, pumice paste, sand paste all got a workout on this piece.
Dancing queen WITH ravens LOL

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