Thursday, August 15, 2019

Alice to the power of 2

In the previous post, I introduced you to a Zombie Alice.  Since then, she has tried the Magic Potion.
Through the wonders of modern technology, we can show how she was and is now:

Definitely shrunk, more zombied than ever, and no longer able to stand unsupported.

Frankly, I'm surprised Lewis Caroll could keep writing past this point!

We are still playing no the dark side, are you?  Share your dark or weird creArtions on the right - Evil Froggie has bribes rewards after each 20 entries...

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Sketchy ladies and the WINNER

Hi there!
I'm back from my holidays and of course wanted to do some
crafting ASAP. So I took what was on my table and made some ATC's

Using watercolor (and salt) background,
images from Gecko Galz and sentiment from TH.

AND now the happy news,
we have reached the 40 links and that means it's time
for a prize among 21-40 entries, YEY!!
And the fab prize is this cool set of stamps and dies:

       So with no further writing;
the winner is

kindly email us at dreamindarknessblog (at) gmail dot com 
to arrange sending you your prize!

And what's coming next?
Among the entries 41-60 there will be some
lucky artist to receive this fab prize:

Kuvan mahdollinen sisältö: 1 henkilö, hymy

so link up there --->
your awesome art, we'll love to come and see

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Alice? Alice? Who the *** is Alice

There's a corrupted version of the song, so beloved of drunken parties (assuming you're old enough, if not,  )
I'm still slowly working through Michael deMeng's on-line class making Alice characters and a Wonderland Theatre.  The Card Guards have already put in an appearance here.  I spent a happy Easter weekend with a friend raiding my Shed, and making Alices together.  Found some nodding figures, one of which got cannibalised for Alice so she can keep on nodding in agreement with the Red Queen - it's a Safety Feature :)
Somehow, she turned into a Zombie Alice.  Here she is, before she found the "Drink Me" potion:
Doesn't it look like she's also in a straitjacket???  Another of Asylum Anne's "therapies" makes use of yarn on a cone, so Alice's skirt is part of a cone.
Wonderful stitching to hold her brains in!  More therapy put to good use haha.

 But perhaps we should worry about what's hatching out the back of her spine?
Come back later this month to see how she looks after drinking "that" potion!

Meantime, Asylum Anne is worried about her teamies... not a peep out of them for too long.  Have the wintry snowy blasts she is getting spread as far as Finland, and even California???  Are they snowed in with their snow tyres stuck in storage thinking it's summer?  what a wonderland we live in.

Look right, to see why Evil Froggy is gasping... for... just... one... more... entry in our challenge, so he can slip something special in the mail for you! 
Update: and all of a sudden you've had enough aircon for your brain to start creArting, and we're WELL past the number of entries for the next giveaway.