Saturday, May 25, 2019


Sooooo, I was going through all the lovely
pits and pieces I've got with the ATC swaps,
and game across these wicked lady images.

And then I remembered the theme in Sisterhood of Snarky
and thought that these ladies could work with that.

I made 2 ATC

Paper is from my stash - printed it ages ago.
Die cut and the sentiments are from 
Simon Says "Salty Ladies" -stamp set.

I hope these go with the theme

Friday, May 17, 2019

Don't forget to pack a toothbrush!

As hinted on 1 May, Asylum Anne is slipping the straitjacket to go Junqueing in Ancestral Lands.  All the advice is to pack toiletries in your hand luggage (stewardesses presumably don't like all that bad breath after 13 hours on a plane eating airline food???)
So as not to lose the brush, I've made a dinky stand to sit on the airline tray:
That'a a nicely balanced, sturdy holder, sure to stay upright through any turbulence.
(Badminton shuttlecock, encrusted with granular gel-scungy plaque)
The economy bristles have been upgraded to Business, Serious Business, with grape vine tendrils squeezed into the airline wines, then becoming excellent floss.  The feathers - well, what better than having a wing-assisted flight?

As a Devotee of Michael deMeng's teachings, in particular "When Good Brushes Go Bad" live class, I have added to the handle: the shiny green is where the toothpaste is coming out, the other unsmiling chappy knows something about your teeth that your dentist doesn't.
I've made sure this brush has soaked up plenty of Vitamin D before being strapped into a darkened flying box"
Whaddya think - will it earn me another Girl Scout badge at Hogwarts?

Don't forget, we have prizes... for YOUR dark create.  Every 20 entries triggers an occasion to choose someone to award! We are halfway to the next award 

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

1st May day

Well hello spring!
It's officially spring time - even thought 
we still have a little bit snow here and there.

Today I'd like to share ATC
made from left overs from
my Gelly plate projects.

I tend to keep all the pits and pieces;
you'll never know when you need just
that piece and just that color, LOL.

Colored with Zig pens.
Meantime Asylum Anne is testing wands ahead of her trip to the UK at the end of this month:

Would you believe air-dry clay over a tongue depressor stick, an embossing folder before it dried, then some paint, and a leather wrap.

As for the charms... you'd think they'd be built in, but no, one can acquire additional spells!
Hoping to find Platform 9&3/4ths to get to Hogwarts for an Advances Spell-casting course.

Let us see what's in your mind in this spring time.
When our blue froggy hits 40,
these are the goodies going to some lucky art maker.

Our last winner hasn't contact us,
so this is the last call for this price.
After one week from this post (7th of May),
well be selecting a new winner for this cool stamp.

 So Vivian Foo, please contact us
dreamindarknessblog (at) gmail dot com
so we can mail your stamp to you