Friday, May 26, 2017

Use your wings.

Hi there, Granne here to share an ATC
experiment using Alcohol Inks and Yupo paper

Even if you fall, you'll still have your wings to fly again.


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dark, alternative, weird art, we'll love to come and see.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Snakes not welcome in Santa's domain!

At the start of the month St Patrick banished the snakes from Ireland back in AD461 (ish)
Some snakes did end up in Scotland - not a happy place for them, as it was just before the Scotlympics of 462 AD:
Looks like the Snakes will have to go further afield. (though as you see, the translator didn't do a very good job of translating "sassenachs") Wonder who paid for THAT wall!!!

But North is out of the question - Global Warming hasn't happened yet so there's waaay too much ice,

 and it looks as though Nessie has already staked out Lapland!

Not to mention those ferocious Viking dragons - who would want to be stuck on the front of a sailing vessel in the North sea?

There WILL be another chapter some day.

Viking Bear and Battle of Hastings on the last half-page, are Butter Side Down stamps (you should check out their adventurous and artistic teddy bear collection!),
the rest of them over all the pages came from Highlander Celtic Stamps - snowflakes, crop circles, Nessies, Piper, celtic knot works, angel, Welsh Dragon, Love spoon, Picto rock, Stone Henge, Caber tosser, castle...

Now if you've got something to freak everyone out, share it in the linkup here - we have "candy" for our favourite bit of gore posted this month Bwahahaha!

Sunday, May 7, 2017

April 2017 Challenge Winner's Post!

So it's Sunday already, the evil inebriated Frogster is just now draggin' himself out of the mud...He had a helluva May the 4th be with you party marathon followed by a late night Cinco de Mayo tequila shooter fest!

And you know what? HE had all the festivities & fun and did not invite any of us! Go figure, hmmpf! He might find himself out of a job...soon! Or dressed in a pink tutu...

Onwards! Drunken frogs aside, this 7th day of May brings the announcement for the lucky winner of this fabulous stamp!

Our winner for the April 2017 Challenge showed the wayward Frogster that 
even Death has a bright side....

Katie Lamb, entry #3 

with her awesomely textured and brightly colored sugar skull! Check it out!

Katie contact us at to arrange for your stamp and blog badge! Congratulations!

Come on over in a few days to see some more crafty treats!

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Rush Hour in the Jungle

Today Anne has hi-jacked us to join the Sin City blog hop... the link to carry on through the hop is this 
After a couple of weeks playing with a new balloon die (album in facebook), hot air balloons are still on my mind, and what could be weirder than this wild animal perched on a hot air balloon - "It's a worse Jungle Up Here, that animal is thinking!

Back down in the jungle, That's no pussycat either!
I initially stencilled Woolf Leaves on one side of a sheet of deli paper, and did a lighter wash on the other side, before stamping all the trees on the washed side:
Have some closeups, before you see the whole picture (journal spread)

And the overall look:

All the stamps are from Sin City Stamps - parachuting mice, and some woodgrain stamps as part of the background texture.  Some are stamped on deli paper, some on tissue paper, some on paper towels that have caught the overspray frm other projects, and some are stamped directly on the gesso and painted background.  All up there are 20 different Sin City stamps here, from the following plates:
Knock on Wood (I LOVE the face & eye in the woodgrain)
Sending Smiles - love the mouse parachuting in!

To keep hopping, head this-a-way
Athough this has snuck in as an extra post this month, we're still hoping your weird, dark mojo is going to be shared with us in the post just below.

Monday, May 1, 2017

May-Days at Dream in Darkness

Soooo, it's the 1st of May and the dictionary tells these facts about it:

1. The first day of May, the traditional day for pagan fertility rites.
2. The first day of May, a spring festival, a celebration of the beginning of the spring.
3. The first day of May, a world-wide workers' holiday.
4. Perfect day to start a new challenge at DiD.

Granne made a card in very gothic style:

Using Debbi Moore's Printables.
And Anne has made something amazing ( as always ). 
Here's a little sneak peek for whats coming later on:
Snakes seem to "bug" people.  There aren't any here, 
so they're an abstract concept to me. March 17 was St Patrick's Day, 
and a sequence of Journal pages got started by the thought 
that he was reputed to have rid Ireland of snakes.  
The first 2 were posted in my facebook album at the time:

The dog has a snake between his lips.  Must be before St Pat's time!

When St Patrick cast the snakes out of Ireland....  where did they go?
How would they get off an island?

Except this is what snakes usually do to boats:

Or, could Patrick throw them... as far as Scotland?

Seems Nessie has a thing or two to say about THAT!
Always assuming Nessie isn't one of those evicted snakes.  The whole journal page:

The page started with layers of stencils:
Stencil Girl for Curvy Ladder, and Ribbons & Circles. Calligraphy in page 2 She also produces Seth Apter's Drip alphabet.
Artist Cellar for the angel cartouche on page 2
Stampers Anonymous provide Brett Weldele's Flames stencil, which makes excellent waves.  The curled up snake is film strip stencil.
Butter Side Down stamps include Peeking Pirate, Sea Serpent Attack, Sea Dragon, Fossil Beach, Loch Ness Monster, Moray Eel, Oarfish (vertical), Mt Rainier Mothership.  In the first pages, The Alamo (doubling as a monastery), and Wizards Bookshelf standing in for the Book of Kells.
Highlander Celtic Stamps: "Eire",  Inchie knotworks, several of the mini circles, Celtic Cross, Scotch thistle woodcut, boat.
Seth Apter / The Altered Page has several borders used round the edges, including one that rather mimics snake skin patterning
Ikes Art digistamps are the Angel, and the dog.

You'll just have to come back later in the month to see What Happened Next :)
And before then, I'm hijacking the blog to join a Sin City blog Hop on 3 May, 
so keep popping in as we keep loading new and terrifying pieces onto the blog.

coming along here with a digital art journal page.
"What's your story?"

And if you share your creepy, weird, snakey? makes below, 
one of you is going to win this stencil if you link up below :)