Thursday, April 30, 2015

CT Kim....One Day to go till the Gates Open....Who is Watching?


One simple project to tide you over till tomorrow.....

This is another created during the 31 Days of Halloween last October 2014.


Click the image to see it bigger...

I threw lots at this one, I am sure the kitchen sink is there somewhere!  I had lots of fun playing with physical layers and digital. There is a stamped dry teabag, cardboard, crumpled and stamped deli wrap paper and discarded printed sheets too. Water and Distress Inks are wicked fun... 

The stamped images are Hampton Arts and Inkadinkado. The Raven and glowy eyes are images I found for free use at Public Domain Pictures.  The yellow flower and spooky shadowy tree are my own images. I use Photoshop Elements to layer it all. More photos can be found HERE

Will you be ready?

It begins....Tomorrow

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Guess What Time Is Drawing Near?

You guessed it!  Just 2 more days and it  is the beginning of the Dream in Darkness Challenge!  And for those of you already following us and those of you who have commented faithfully on our posts leading up to this very special day, we have a small "happy" for you to download and use as you wish!  This is a digital stamp drawn by CT Nan who admits to being a very, very beginner drawer.

 But that's what we are all about here at Dream in Darkness, trying something new out, testing the waters of many different art types without being held to one standard.  So as Nan nervously debuts her first attempt at a digi, you too join us in the fun and laughter to come.

Remember it's always Halloween here and you never know when you might find some "candy" waiting for you to claim! The digi can be downloaded below and here is  Nan's attempt "The Skull Amigos" on an altered playing card with a good reminder!

Please feel free to take your copy of Nan's digi and enjoy!

See you back here tomorrow for one last peek at one of our CT's creepy makes!  We are expecting you so don't disappoint us.....we might react badly!!! Buwahahahahah!!!!

Monday, April 27, 2015

CT Anne Heading Towards the Start!!

Anne has made another make to make you think and give you shivers!  She is great at that!  We are heading down the home stretch for the start of the challenge and here is Anne's offer to fire up your inner, shall we say, appetite?

And here is the story behind the scene:

" Mixing styles: "If it is to be creepy, there must be blood" Zetti is such a distinctive style, though I must apologise for the lack of pointy hat somewhere. ...And "-ette" can mean miniature, so here is a croc feeding it's baby crocette. Awww, how sweet... how creepy??? Stamps are from vivalasvegas, coloured with Tombow pens. I fussy-cut between the crocodiie's teeth to slide in the separate leg. Too-simple background - daubers coloured on ink pads. The blood was tar gel. The white drips were made before colouring the ATC. Tar Gel is a clear product from Golden. Very runny, you can drizzle it like golden syrup, or get droplets like this. For red drops I added a bit of red paint to the tar gel, mixed it in and let settle a few minutes for bubbles to rise up, before drizzling down the card. Now to go off and develop some lettering skills ;P"

So how many out there are getting ideas already for the start of our Dream in Darkness Challenge May 1st?  Raise your hands.  We see, hmmmmmm, maybe we need to "persuade" you a little more?  But you don't want us to have to do that now do you?  Buwahahahahahahahah!

That's better!  1...2....3......4....5...ohhh, much better!  Thank you so much our lovelies of the dark side!!

Check back tomorrow for another post before the AWAKENING!! 

CT Kim~ Monday Madness~Looking back October 2014


Kim today!

I wanted to share a small project I made last year. It was created during the 31 Days of Halloween Challenge madness, the goal was to make a new project each day in October! It was super amazing fun!

"I am the one who knocks..."

The skull is to die for....I am still lovin' this make. Hope you like it! I have more details at my tamer blog, HERE

The skull is from Graphics Fairy and free use, just credit her website, such wicked cool stuff!

Don't lose your head it is only a Monday after all! And we need you to keep your wits about you since our very FIRST everrrrr challenge starts in a short 

D A Y S......

will you be ready???

Happy Hauntings, until next time!



Friday, April 24, 2015

It's Time for Another One from CT Anne

The fabulous Anne is back with another show stopper!  These bats are flying away from something.....and the sentiment suggests why they are fleeing! 


Here are Anne's words on this marvelous ATC"

 If a picture says a thousand words... do you really think you could write that many on an ATC? There's something about bats that many people find creepy. David Attenborough merely found they gassed him out when he went into their cave. So here we are, escaping the cave - or whatever opening the gate was across. For background, some random blue sprays from Lindys Stamp Gang were left to dry before inking up the Queen Kat bat background stamp. Rubber Stamp Ave provided the Odd Creature, heat embossed then coloured bright yellow, as well as the silhouette character, also heat-embossed for a tactile experience . And viva las vegas stamps provided the "sentiment" - if that's what the 6 words express

We thought this would be an appropriate thought to leave you with today!  The gates ARE opening SOON here at Dream in Darkness Challenge!

It's "Anything Goes" as long as it goes dark!  We have lots for you to read here on the blog that has been posted so far!  

Save the date, the gate will open May 1st and keep visiting us as we get the bat cave..uh oh I mean house ready!  

More goodies coming your way leading up to the 1st and we are so excited to have visitors!  Tell your dark side friends and then get convert your cute side friends to create something for the very first challenge of Dream in Darkness!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

CT Nan with a Fat Page

Mums the word on this one!  It is a fat page that I made for a swap this month but couldn't resist giving a peek of Rick St. Dennis's image "Kiss me under the Mistletoe, Creepmas".

I just used the lovely creepy guy who has a hankering to entertain his fellow minions where ever he now resides.  He is colored with Prismacolor colored pencils and the background is Tim Holtz's distress ink pads.  A few embellishments from a package in my stash and he is on stage!

Link below to Rick's stores!  Now it is getting very close to show time!!  Are you ready?  He wants a full house for the debut of the Dream in Darkness Challenge!  I wouldn't want to disappoint him, would you.......Bawahahahahahaha!! 

Tickets on sale now for the show.  First come, first serve and they are FREE!  And to see if you are watching....there will be a small freebie for everyone who visits us here from May 1 - 31st.  

Rick's Shop

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Sharing a How-to Video By Rick St Dennis

We were not asked to do this but as you know we are being sponsored for our first challenge by Rick St. Dennis. Which is so awesome, we want to share a link with you to a video that Rick has made featuring pencil coloring. 

We don't want to spoil it for you but it has an amazing offer in it!  That's it! Our lips are sealed!  With stitches and super glue...hmmmm might make a great project! 

So without further ado (spelled wrong?) here is the linky to the video!
Practice Sheet Video

Exciting News from CT Nan

I am sooooo happy to have been chosen as one of the nominees for Pick of the Week for the week of April 19th by one of Rick St. Dennis's Elite Design Team members! 

The winning Pick of the Week is determined by popular vote so you can help choose.

I am so honored to be among these wonderful ladies and their awesome projects!  You can check this out on Rick St. Dennis's Facebook Fan Page (link below) and voting can be found by clicking on
Pick of the Week below!

So before I burst with joy, here is my project that was chosen!

Pick of the Week Visit Rick's blog and Vote by leaving a comment, please only vote one time.

Image can be found He is of course a fabulous image of Rick St. Dennis!!

Facebook Fan Page

Keep up with your bits and pieces until May 1st!  Then let them all out!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Monday and Time for Another Beauty from CT Granne

This "Toxic Ballerina" image from Smeared Ink has been transformed by our amazing Creative Team member, Granne!  The lovely soft colors and gorgeous sparkle belie the fact that this ballerina must wear a gas mask!  We do not know why she must but I am sure it is from some demented scientist's horrid chemicals or perhaps the zombies have a hand in it.  

What ever the reason she continues to dance!  I think she has been made so lovely that she is inspired by her rather odd look and beauty to dance.  Granne has given her the inspiration to keep spinning and I hope has given you the inspiration to start that project spinning around in your head!

Remember, the darkness will fall on May 1st as we start taking entries for our very first challenge ever!  And don't you want to join us from the start?  It is going to be dark out there you may want the company! Bwahahahahahaha!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

CT Nan Back with Another One

Hi, again!  It's Nan here with another fantastic image by Rick St. Dennis!  This is possibly my all time favorite image of Alice in a rather zombie state of mind!  She also appears to have gotten just a wee bit confrontational with that pesky rabbit that lead her astray!  She is colored with Chameleon pens and then embossed with UTEE once to give her skin a less than youthful appearance.  Glued onto some paper that makes me think of falling down the rabbit hole with her new, tougher sentiment.

Our first challenge is being sponsored by Rick St. Dennis and the lucky winner will not only be given the chance to be a guest creative team member for the next month but for this first challenge you will also receive lovelies from Rick!  Check out his art and images at the following links and do go to the top of the page and click on "Creepster Feature" and read some more information about Rick and places to find him!

Now, we are getting really close to the start date and that is May 1st!  So I know you are poking and prodding all those little dark corners of your mind to seek inspiration for your project in order to be included in the very first every Dream in Darkness Challenge.  Remember, all types of art forms accepted but read the few rules we have to be familiar with them and do not forget the important one that is creepy not cutey!

Rick's Shops:

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

CT Kim~Zombie Street Journal~Rick St Dennis MFA, "Zombie Tangle"

Hi Happy Haunted Wednesday!

Today I humbly present for your consideration my version of Zombie Spring!

This fabulous Zombie is drawn by the amazing Rick St Dennis. It is called, "Zombie Tangle" and you are most welcome to visit a most haunting zombie collection HERE. This is an image I won during 31 Days of Halloween last year. 31 Days of Halloween is amazing: A month full of Halloween awesomeness hosted by the lovely ladies at Smeared Ink.....more on that event later....promise!

This is what may happen near the Financial Center after the Zombie Apocalypse. Hey even Zombies are allowed to have bright colors, hahhahaha.

Enjoy your moment and don't think about the snap of the twig you hear behind you......or that scratch on the window in the middle of the night......


Monday, April 13, 2015

Introducing CT Anne with Smaug's Lair... the Mysteries of Middle Earth

We begin this week with our next introduction with a fantastic project from Anne.. Welcome Anne to the Creative Team!  Anne does not blog but shares some fabulous work on Facebook. Her fantastic creations are such a pleasure to share. 

Here is a first a peek at this amazing work:

It is wonderful to use Anne's own words in a description with some very interesting info about Down Under!  

Anne: "Stick a skeleton on it and that makes it creepy? Especially when it's bashing its way out through some sheets of mica. I live Down Under, in the Land of Middle Earth, so we have Sauron's eye overlooking the skellie, and also a peek into Smaug's lair. Is that starting to creep you out a bit? Well how about the naive hobbit taking a bath at the entrance to the dragon's lair! 

"This started life as a book, the pages were removed, and layers of foam board with shims inserted to give dimensionality and to separate the layers."

"Another angle for the book-caves.  Doubtless  some of you will recognize a couple of Spellbinder's nesting dies on the left side.  The Crackle texture is taught by Michael deMeng in various on-line classes.  And did you notice the eye is shut? (told you to look!)  It's a "lenticular winkie" that changes depending on the angle you look from - and I them and bath tubs (the hobbit) from SilverCrow Creations.  I did an on-line class run by Michael deMeng Assemblage Art called "Punk Fiction-Altering Books from the Inside and Out".

"The front cover shows Bilbo about to enter Moria.  Ephemera comes from all sorts of places. New Zealand did a series of commemorative stamps, and this picture is from the brochure.  I'm guessing it's only creepy because we know what happened next....."

And that is not only a description of this fabulous project but I had to go back and Google some history and legends I was so curious!  Thanks to Anne for sharing this with us today!!  I am sure that this has inspired you as it has all of us to start thinking in "creep"!  A book, an awesome card by Granne, a canvas, and ....I won't spoil the surprise but wait until you see what Kim has for you on Wednesday!!  
We are decorating for the party on May 1st so grab your finest creep or two or three or limit on how many times you may enter! and meet us here for the fun!  

Like that eye in Anne's book, we are watching to see who is getting never know when our eyes are shut....or OPEN!!   Bwaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaa!

Friday, April 10, 2015

An Amazing Sneak Peek by CT Granne

As promised we have some awesome things for you to get inspiration from!  This is by Granne, one of our Creative Team members, we will be doing another introduction very soon!   

Here is a fabulous card she made with a lovely, creepily, beautiful digi stamp from the Fitztown Company.....such awesome coloring!   Granne did a glorious job on this!  


Isn't this totally fantastic!!  You will be seeing a lot of Granne's work so bookmark our challenge so you can visit often!  This is Granne's blog to vist, HERE. We dark siders are all family so feel free to just drop in and have a chat with us!

Remember, May 1st is launch day! So get your creep on and get ready to add your projects with Evil Froggy inlinkz.  We are getting our haunted house ready for company so don't disappoint us!

Doors open on May 1st!  Dream in Darkness will take and show your projects proudly and we hope to see you all!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Wow! CT Nan~ Getting Ready for Kick Off of Dream in Darkness Challenge May 1st!!

We have made it here, all you dark siders!  The challenge start date is May 1st and will always be "Anything Goes"!  We accept mixed media, stamping, digis, altered art, and 100% digital art and anything in between that we have missed....just remember "No Cute":)

We will be showing you some of our dark side on the days leading up to the challenge start so keep checking in to see what our fabulous Creative Team comes up with!  We are going to do a separate post to introduce them to you as we want to show them lots of love because they are fabulous!

I am jumping in first, I'm Nan and here is my canvas (excuse the lighting the shine on the canvas didn't cooperate)!

We are being sponsored for our first challenge by the wonderful Rick St. Dennis so in honor of that I am showing you a canvas I made with his image "Zombie Love" from my stash.

I colored the image with Chameleon pens, fussy cut, glued, and edged with a dark red pen to hide the white lines around the image.

I used cardstock layered, stencils, spring caps, a bead circle, and home made gesso to layer it up.  I doodled with a gold jelly pen on their romantic headstone and a black marker around and about here and there.  Looks like true love to me!

Thanks for having a look and get those wheels turning so you can enter the first ever challenge at Dream in Darkness coming to haunt you May 1st!

Get the rusty gears grinding and turning... you can use any image, stamps, or no image or stamps, mixed media, altered art, 100% digital....just make it dark, please!  This is not for cute cards even though we love them, but this is for all of us with that urge to create something different and few places exist for us out there.

Happy Crafting from the Dream in Darkness Creative Team!!