Sunday, July 31, 2016

Museum Display Cases, or Christmas baubles?

A recent trip to a museum, so many blogs deciding this is Mid-summer Christmas, more gorgeous Rubber Dance stamps... did I mention some chippies came with last month's escargrot from Sari as a challenge to include?   Not to mention those "Christmas" bauble-blanks that have been hanging round for ages awaiting decoration.  So I was inspired to do some makes - that I've now discovered, do NOT reward night-time photography  (oops!!!)

Scrapiniec chipboard mermaid is trapped behind seaweed (weeds) seated on a decaying shell.  One side of the bauble was painted yellowy on the inside, then other pearlescent colours on top (inside), then Stazon, mushrooms stamped on the outside.  To stamp on these curved, slippery surfaces, ink the rubber, let it sit in your cupped hand, and roll the bauble over it.

Then there are the chipboard men, trapped, sex slaves, too susceptible to a kiss and a sexy corset:

 stamped under, "sex slaves" - just in case you hadn't got it!  Kisses (lips) were stamped all around the join, so they "sealed" both halves of the bauble.
As if that wasn't bad enough, he's stuck to some "Goldilocks" - a brand of metal pot-scrubber over here!!!  That white "light sabre" is the reflection of the fluorescent light I was photographing under.
 Then there's a winged lady beating at the outside of her cage, with a previous trappee reduced to skeleton
Her silver background clearly labelled on the reverse, as a food container, all ingredients listed, YUMMM.  The black 'shrooms on yellow background are the other side of the mermaid piece.

A daylight view of this can of fairy - why do I do things that are beyond my photographic skills!!!  Just get out your own baubles and have fun.  And if they turn out creepy, weird or dark, share them with us...  We Understand.... 

There are still a few hours left to appease the Frogster, so link up you weird odd creepy stuff and be in the running for some wicked cool Rubber Dance (real!) rubber stamps!

Come back on August 1st to see the new mayhem 
in store for you! muahahhahaha


  1. I so must start yuletide decorations...Krampus stylie :D XXX

  2. Thank you, Anne! I love baubles and I must, MUST make my own! Perhaps not filled with any slaves of sorts, although I bet my man wouldn't mind if I placed a photo of him inside ... *grins*
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. *grin* indeed. Won't be tucking your stamps away in a hurry, they're so re-useable, not just because they're rubber haha.


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