Wednesday, April 15, 2015

CT Kim~Zombie Street Journal~Rick St Dennis MFA, "Zombie Tangle"

Hi Happy Haunted Wednesday!

Today I humbly present for your consideration my version of Zombie Spring!

This fabulous Zombie is drawn by the amazing Rick St Dennis. It is called, "Zombie Tangle" and you are most welcome to visit a most haunting zombie collection HERE. This is an image I won during 31 Days of Halloween last year. 31 Days of Halloween is amazing: A month full of Halloween awesomeness hosted by the lovely ladies at Smeared Ink.....more on that event later....promise!

This is what may happen near the Financial Center after the Zombie Apocalypse. Hey even Zombies are allowed to have bright colors, hahhahaha.

Enjoy your moment and don't think about the snap of the twig you hear behind you......or that scratch on the window in the middle of the night......



  1. Thanks, Rose! Kim made this so real and I love, love all those layers! She is awesome at that! Hugs~Nan

  2. Those eyeballs really stand out too.

    1. I want to learn that secret myself, Squiddy! She did awesome on this and all of hers are great! Thanks for stopping by! Nan

  3. Thanks Rose! So wonderful you stopped by! Hope you are getting ready for the creep on May 1st :)