Monday, August 17, 2015

Look at this Beauty by CT Anne!

When I saw this I was totally amazed at the thought process and work behind it!  CT Anne took Teri's adult coloring page freebie from Teri's Delicious Doodles Facebook page and came up with what we all think is pure genius!  Here are her words to introduce this awesome make!

"Who would have thought it! Teri's Tropical Masquerade is a Troppo Haunt! Beware!!! She is ready to chop your head off if you open the door!"

This inspired me beyond words to think out of the box!  Please check out Delicious Doodles Challenge "White on White" and Teri's Etsy Store where a delicious adult coloring book "Go on, Be a Devil" is available now!

And watch out but do enter our house and quietly leave your entry...we mustn't wake up you know who! 


  1. Thanks Donna, sometime the simplest things can be so effective

  2. Ha ha, love it.
    Thank you for sharing your art with us at Delicious Doodles