Sunday, September 20, 2015

It's That Time of the Year! Get Ready, We Are!

Guess who is a Wicked Blogger for the event of the year?  Yep, we are!  That is 31 days of makes from the Insane Anne, Grumpy Gargoyle Granne, Weird Wacky Kim, and No Good Nan!  That is a make a day from this demented and deranged group of weirdos!  Don't miss a day because there will be prizes given at random to those who comment!  What day you ask or days?  Bumawahahaha, of course we won't tell you that!  You have to comment everyday and visit the house; we have been messing it up, making awful batches of goo and goop to stink it up, and of course, Evil Froggy has the basement in tip top shape? anyway we are ready for YOU!

Join us and the other lovelies that are joining in as Wicked Bloggers and have the best time short of Halloween itself!  Thanks to Smeared Ink for this wonderful time that we are soooo looking forward to!  Remember, don't miss a day!  Insane Anne eats all the prizes not claimed...well, she says she eats them but we think they are in her room which we are not allowed into at all!! 

 Horrid, Gorific, Weird and Wonderful 31 Days of Halloween at Dream in Darkness!