Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Under Duress!

Note to remember: The theme is still Anything Goes!  We just played with pirates for fun but you do NOT have to do a pirate make not one little tiny bit!
Some of us at Dream in Darkness thought we should make you wait and be surprised by the rubber stamps you are trying to win, but some thought, no, tell them, show them!  So here you go...I would have made you suffer or be surprised LOL just for the record....and Granne, our sweetheart, wanted you to know so you may thank CT Granne for this pic!

 Do not worry, no stamps were harmed in this photograph session!  I inked with Distress Ink and stamped lightly so should be good as new!  If not blame someone other than me :)

Now you know what you are playing for let's get busy and get warmed up for 31 Days of Halloween!  We will take all your practice ones, no need to waste them now is there???


  1. Ooooh - marvelous stamps :-) I LUV that TeddyBear :-Dxxxxx

  2. OMG....that Skeleton Gnome is classic!!!
    :D XXX

  3. Fabulous stamps up for grabs! =)
    Hugs, Elenor