Sunday, January 31, 2016

About Grannies sneaking in almost at the Last Minute.

Since I played with this month's sponsor Bloobel's "Sick Boy" she has had fun in facebook asking for inspiration.  That resulted in some new digis, some of which I won.  So our sick boy is now sick for luuuurrrrve - of Boom Box Granny  And I am making 3-hour trips each way to spend most weekends visiting the "aged parents": dad fell, broke a femur and can only be fixed with complete bed rest - no cast, no splints, certainly no surgery.  Packing mum up for a rest home involves packing her jewellery, and a selection from her wardrobe.  So whilst fussy-cutting and colouring these two characters, my mind was dwelling on the reality of granny-hood but I reckon this granny probably has a few condoms in her handbag as well.  I've exaggerated here, taken liberties: this granny also has age spots, strange teeth, varicose veins and please don't ask why her socks are yellow, or her witches britches are brownish - that comes with the granny territory apparently... eventually.... maybe... unless she has a great load of moli-pads (Depends).  Grannies get given morphine for their gammy hips - I reckon she's sharing it with her boyfriend here!
 So let the music play, and let us all dance on - age is only a number on the boombox playlist.


  1. Just 'cause there's snow on the roof, doesn't mean there's no fire in the furnace. You go, Granny! Hilarious! xxxD

    1. Thanks Donna, I'd always meant to do the sick boy vertical, Granny was just the hottie to get him "up"