Saturday, October 7, 2017

Winner's Post September 2017!


Happy Weekend! Hope it's going great for you!

Today we'd love to share with  you our awesome winner for the September 2017 Challenge!

There were a lot of wonderful pieces entered. The winner is...

Congratulations Senna!
Please email me to collect your blog badge at dreamindarknessblog@gmail dot com

Thank you everyone who played along. 
Honorable mentions go to:

Thanks again and Hope to see all of you back this month to play!

Sunday, October 1, 2017

October 1~The Best time of the year...Halloween!

So it is THAT time of the year ... 
Autumn, dark evenings and the HALLOWEEN coming 
with pumpkins, skeletons, skulls and spirits ... 
so I decided to "cover" my dreams from the eery spirits 
and made a dreamcatcher that hopefully will suck in all the bad dreams 
and allow all the nice ones to enter.

Re-cycling a ring from a sticky red tape

Using silk clay and Panduro's mold for the skulls. 
And then added some Inka Golds for the color.

Some more Inka Gold and stamp from Sin City Stamps

I think my dreamcatcher would fit right in to Anne's 
brilliantly creepy house, :)

Creepy house?  You're only thinking that way 
because Halloween is so close! 
  Shredded money makes great "grass" for the spiders 
to nest in and web from, true.

BUT... is it a house?  Or a Chrysalis?  
Is something hatching/metamorphosing under the Halloween moon?

Ohhh lots of things that don't necessarily go bump in the night!

I managed to get on track sort of, and finish a mini book that came to mind a couple of eeek months ago with our Circus theme...well who KNEW a MINI book could be so big on the inside!


I am crossing fingers and toes you can see my little slide show above...the one minute it should take to play, I hope you will feel it was time well spent. 

Mini Book Ingredients:
One page 8 1/2" x 11" bond paper
gelatin plate of choice
acrylic paints
old gift/credit card
Thick hot drink cup wrap repurposed as a "book cover"
Lots of rubber stamps, I used the Circus ones thank you Granne and
some of my Sin City Stamps, DriBonez by Rick St Dennis and Oddly Appealing by Cathy Frailey, yes these links go to my shop wherein if someone were to purchase somesuch stuffs, another someone might earn some change to buy some somenecessitylikethings.

But I do know for sure, if you come back during this glorious month of October there may be a few treats here and there and maybe that Frogster critter will leave a trick who knows?

We'd love to see your spin on Halloween, Day of the Dead and whatever else your dreams treat you to, so share away and link up okay?

Much love and hugs to you all!

Now go play!

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Dear Reader... don't read so long that the spiders web you over.

Centuries after her death, (well, it was 200 years this July) people are still captivated by Jane Austen's writings.  It may be that a rather portly gentleman has  been reading since the first edition came out, never stopping to notice the spiders webs growing round him.  Even within Jane's tales of romance, there are some spooky places, creepy assumptions. What was the story behind Mrs Tilney's suite of rooms, wondered the heroine... and that got her into trouble before the Path Of True Love could be straightened, of course.
Paper Whimsy's Lacy Triptych with stand provided the foundation for this project.
The arched frames were given 3 coats of Emerald Creek embossing powder, then stamped while molten with the barbed wire brick fence stamp.  The side panels were done in Northern Lights colour, the centre panel in Midnight Sky.  The Lacework "roof lines" were painted with Jacquard Lumiere in Indigo, then a coat of Halo Blue-green, and heat gunned while wet for the bubbly texture.  The individual frame backgrounds were painted with white gesso.  Before completely dry, Lindys Gang moonshadow Tawny Turquoise was washed over, then a few drips of Moonlit Mulberry encouraged to flow down.

The barbed wire fence stamp with Indian ink was stamped over each panel, before gluing down the fussy-cut Austen stamps.  Strands of spider web are Helmar 450 glue (hot glue guns aren't a common part of my toolkit, else I'd have done that).  When this gentleman was glued down, the book was left unglued, for a touch of 3-D.  From his expression, novels are a new concept to him.

I used Emerald Creek embossing powders - they also have an American web site, or you can swap between the two (top right toolbar in the web page)  The box part of the stand was covered in some Graphics 45 Typograph paper..

Sin City Stamps have 2 new plates of Jane Austen stamps out, and here :)
Farewell Jane, and thanks for the hours of imagination you've stimulated.

Of course, if you've been working on something weird, off-beat, creepy, daaaark, share it with us here

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Face it

I felt very inspired by Gina's (last months challenge winner)
dolls. But, since I'm not much of a doll maker,
I made something related to dolls.

I altered a tiny T-shirt that was send to me
a while ago from other side of the earth,
Thank you Anne :). My daughter likes Pullip dolls and
the size of that T-shirt was perfect for her Pullip.
Or what do you think?

Lucifer looks so cool.

My daughter took the pictures above and I took the one down here:

Using tiny rubber bands, ProMarkers and alcohol blending solution
to color and the stamps from Sin City Stamps and Stazon ink

Lets us see what you have been making by linking 
your art HERE.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Listen, Look, Talk ....

I was watching some Youtube tutorials
and saw one where lady had a embossed image
and she colored it over with Tombow marker.

Had to try if it really works, LOL.
These was suppose to be ATC trio, 
but I made it a decoration ... it is Halloween season 
coming after all.

Skulls are from Sin City Stamps, design by Rick St Dennis ,
also used one of the stamps on Background Grunge plate.

Entering my altered ATC's, to a Airless Chambers challenge,
where Anything Goes With Rick St Dennis.

And how about YOU entering our challenge?
We'd looooooove to came and see. This months theme is 
B-day - but the theme is optional, 
so link HERE your strange, wicked, cool art makes

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Winner's Post for the August Challenge!


We are very sorry for the delay in announcing the wonderful winner from out August Challenge!

So with no further delay we are happy to announce the winning entry is...


Gina email us at
to arrange for your
Sin City Stamps Treat!

Have a wickedly wonderful day!

Friday, September 1, 2017

September 1...

As the seasons click over accompanied by major flooding in Texas and Bangladesh this year, the Cancer Society have their Daffodil fundraising day in NZ - right on a husband's anniversary 
(death by cancer).  So how can we commemorate, or celebrate, anniversaries, birthdays...

Welcome to the first Day of Spring at Anne's Asylum.  
She's wondering, when it's a bit early for a bunch of flowers, 
what do you give a Skeleton on her/his birthday?

Why, a rusty crusty skeleton key of course!!!

And since the tag was on a steampunk theme at the start, 
there are chains to rattle instead of ribbons.

Plenty of papers diecut,  multi-layered, one of the cogs is paperclay.  
The skeletons hang out at Silver Crow Creations and keep jumping into my shopping cart!  
There is one stamp, used as the "frame" - blame Seth Apter for that!!! *sigh* 
it's the bicycle chain - steampunk done and gone beyond death .
Oh, and the numbers  are also stamped across the "top" of the tag.
And what would a party be without FUN (???!!!) entertainer? 
So bring in the clown:

CAS style postcard, so only one layer here.
Using stamps from Sin City Stamps.
(this and this)

Come back mid-month to see how Anne "celebrated" 200 years since Jane Austen died

Meantime how do you celebrate YOUR dark anniversaries?  Share *here*

Friday, August 18, 2017

The Circus calls.

Everyone loves a good old-fashioned circus, full of death-defying acts, wild animals, and... clowns!!!  Whizz through some tags with me that are to be bound into a book now I've found my Zutter AND bought a new camera!!!
 The cover tag is a size larger than the rest.
 The Trapeze artists wires are still free-floating - with microbeads glued to them for grip haha.

 Love the Sticks & bones stencil, and what has it got in its pocketsses, my presshuss???

I have so many stamps that can be used for a circus, more tags need to be done, so I've not bound these yet!  So far, Scrapberry's (thanks to Sari), Lost Coast Designs, Viva las Vegas stamps, Smeared Ink, Carabelle,  Silver Crow Creations, Stencil Girl, Andy Skinner, and Graphics 45 have all contributed.

If Life's been making you jump through hoops, or you've stayed off-beat this month, share it with us here.

Monday, August 7, 2017

July 2017 Challenge Winner's Post

Welcome back!

Today we have the winner from last month's creative challenge! Glad you came back and in the center ring without further ado...

The winner is #3 Susan Renshaw!
All of us love your way with ATCs

Special thanks to everyone that played along and we hope you will come back and share your creative play with us! Share and link up with us for a chance to win a Sin City Stamps treat!
Bring your dreams from the darkness...

Link those dreams here.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Life is a Circus ...

Hello all you swell readers / players and followers.
As you can see, Dream in Darkness has got itself
a new lighter look. 
And with it we'd like to invite more players
to play, so not "just" dark entries,
are super welcome,
DO link up your strange, fun, bring your Snark,
Mixed Media, alternative, wicked, COOL projects
- you know we loooove to see them!!!
But sorry cute kittens don't make the cut !

We also are going to have a Twist of the month. 
It's a theme you can follow if you so wish 
(we are a easy going challenge - not must "have to" -thingy's). 
This months twist is the "Circus".

Here's Granne's take with a Circus twist

Altered photo frame from Ikea and mostly 
VLV stamps colored with Inktense Pen's

Asylum Anne's passport let her out of the country, but she nearly didn't get in to Australia - "they" scanned it several times before it would be accepted.  At least she got to Lismore for 4 days with Seth Apter, taking his Library of Memories class.  Although he had run out of stock, another classmate who regularly attacks Anne's credit card, Julie of Time to Create, had plenty, and reaped the benefits.  So with lots of new goodies on her desk, Anne went looking for the
 New chunky embossing powder on a cereal packet (just the right background!)  And like the phrase says, "Not My Monkeys, Not My Circus", this clown has one up on you!
A different embossing powder sprinkled randomly over wet paint.
Another ATC, with a new Carabelle stamp.  Don't know that we like the look of that balloon.
And a third ATC, with a new die from Carabelle making for a pretty windy tent.
Granne sent the stamps thank you so much.  The clown scraps came from Silver Crow Creations.

Dear Granne unleashed this Circus and made sure to send provisions to the Crew. BUT those insane monkeys stole the food along the way! Can you believe it?? Them clowns got something to do with it for sure! Even on a good day you know what can happen when h u n g e r overtakes you!?***%$#! And then leaving that drat tent flap open and all chopped up seriously...

Caution Contains (pea)nuts!

No Snickers is not a sponsor!

But...if you link up something snarky Circus-y or funky, or just totally mind-bending you are in it to have a chance at at "treat" from Sin City Stamps!

Link up Below...

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Half Agony, Half Hope

Hello, it's Granne here with a page of digital make.

Combining Jane Austen quote, with Ike's lady and images
from Stitchy Bear and  Mischief Circus.

Like the sentiment? Here you go, let's see your take on it :=)

and by linking you make HERE,
you can win this fabulous set of red rubber

Totally awesome, don't you think?

Friday, July 7, 2017

June 2017 Challenge Winner!

Thanks for visiting today!

Today we have the Winner of the June Challenge to share with you!

A big thank you to everyone that played along, we LOVE seeing all your amazing projects!

But there can only be one challenge winner!

That person chose to make some very clever Giger Tribute ATCs!

That is 

Congratulations Katie!

We three at Dream in Darkness hope to see all of play again this month!

Link up with us HERE and bring your awesome weirdisms!

Saturday, July 1, 2017

July is Here and HOT! Come Celebrate the Smeared Ink Reunion Hop & Jane Austen

We've joined the Smeared Ink retrospective today! Here is the blog roll to carry you off on some amazing adventures to discover some brilliant inspiration! Hop along as you like!

Leigh SB Designs
Dream In Darkness

Asylum Anne recognises the centenary of Jane's death with this ATC 
using a Smeared City stamp, coloured with dilute paints 
and grey flowersoft on Jane's tombstone. 

The camera found a face in the sky - is Jane looking out at us still?  
Expect Anne back later this month with something rather different :)
Granne combining Jane Austen and Smeared Ink on a AJ page.

Wonder if the pain is already over....
"La Llorona, The Weeping Woman"
Do you know her tragic tale?

Postcard using the Smeared Ink rubber stamp Llorona.

Please share your "painful" projects with us...

the scariest one will get this set of Hamsa hands from Lost Coast Designs:

The Frogster...

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Listen Up! Speak Up! Look Up! ATC Trio

Welcome back to Dream in Darkness!

Sorry I have been AWOL with projects, but I have an ATC trio to (hopefully) make up for it with!

What do you think?
(~and yea this is a bit of a shameless plug for my new stamps at Sin City Stamps >.< !!)

These new rubber stamps were made from original drawings by Rick St Dennis. I had asked Rick for a spin (darker) on the Hear No Evil trio... This is what he created!

Here is the DriBones krewe! Seen today starring in the Look Up, Speak Up and Listen Up story!

Bit closer!

Here is the stamp plate you can find at my shop HERE and shhhhh it's on sale for a few days, too!

So I hope you like this peek at these stamps and the ATCs. Are you inspired to play along with us? Still a few days to join in!

The Dream in Darkness Crew has some treats lined up for July, so hope you come back then.
In the last few days of June, come on and link up HERE, this month's winner gets a gift certificate to spend at Sin City Stamps!

Let's go!