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Welcome Teri Sherman of Delicious Doodles at Artidoodles!

 That's right! We have the amazingly fabulous Teri Sherman of Delicious Doodles sponsoring us next month(August) at Dream in Darkness!  We are all just having a deliciously dark time working with the great images she so graciously gave us!  Teri very humbly gave us permission to tell you a bit about her (she would not toot her own horn! but you know us!  We are going to toot her horn for her and very loudly!)

Teri draws everything first by hand with paper, pens and pencils before digitizing the images for selling at her Etsy Shop "ArtiDoodles".  She sometimes makes her own cards using these images    ( I was lucky enough to have several of her handmade art!) and they can be seen on her ArtiCardz page via Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/articardz'

She draws a mix of mainstream images with flowers, animals, scenery (check out her fab Scottish Castle!), etc. and as we also know, some darker, more Gothic designs for the "alternative" crafter! 

Squeal!! Oh, that was us squealing, we couldn't help ourselves!

Thanks so much, Teri, for sponsoring us this month and offering our winner a lovely prize of your digi!  We look forward to sharing our makes with your images all month long and hope to do them justice as they are all so freaking amazing!

 July's Creepster Feature Introducing Ike's Art!

Challenge & Shop

Ike's Art sponsors so many of the challenges we know and love and her generosity knows no bounds!  She also hosts two challenge blogs of her own!  Ike's World Challenge runs every fortnight and (get this!) every new challenge she gives away a fantastic freebie!  Not talking about a small thingy but an exquisite image free for you to download!   And then she has the the fabulous challenge blog Quoth the Raven, dedicated to the man himself, Edgar Allan Poe!  Please check out these challenges you will be very glad you did!

But you here me talk all the time so here are some words from the fabulous Ike!

Press ? for keyboard shor

"Hi there – I am Ike……a nickname that I got hooked with many years ago due to my surname, and in my profession at that time, …… they just loved to give nicknames .

OK – potted history ….. I was born in the UK, went to art college, worked as a Cop for 30 years, had me 1 fabulous daughter, lived on an island, retired and moved to another island, became a grandmother, do my own thing :-D

I live in Greece now and have a passion for kitties I have 6 house cats and several interlopers that I feed at the windows. This number grows all the time as the kitty telegraph goes around…. I think it’s up to 16 now !! I also have 8 English Light Sussex chickens that I reared myself in an incubator

I am a complete nutter or should I say I’m ‘zany’ hahaha. I have a very strange/sick sense of humour and I must admit I spend a lot of time talking to myself. !! Well, I get more sense out of me.! I reckon in a few years I shall be known as the “crazy cat lady”

I am an artist and have a strange mind when it comes to creating my art. I either go completely true to life… right down to the last hair… or I go totally surreal. I have a passion for all things horror/Gothic etc. I’ve always loved horror films and books and I guess that’s why it creeps into my stuff !
Had I been a bit younger I swear I would have been a Goth……luuuuuv it.
Next time around I am gonna be a witch or a cat 

Our Fabulous Creepster Feature for June 2015!!!

Mischief Circus is an awesome place to visit and discover! The link to the main shopping site is HERE and there is a fabulous Facebook Group as well!

Here is some wonderful information from Hollie:

Mischief - “playful misbehavior or troublemaking.”

Circus - “a large group of people traveling together on the circuit of a particular activity.”

Mischief Circus was developed as community of scrappers/artists/creative souls that use digital products to create. Their store hosts some of the most creative and unique designers in their industry. They cover all styles including: vintage, zetti, realistic, artsy and more. All of Mischief Circus’ image kits are of the highest quality to ensure they look as spectacular in print as they do on your screen. The shop also offer images for ATCs and printable digital collage sheets. 
At Mischief Circus, they encourage you to create digital mischief. They fully support that there are no right or wrong ways to make something. Nor are there right or wrong things to explore visually and artistically.  Mischief Circus is a safe haven to explore art and life. They explore different ways to use art/scrap to channel our emotions and feelings. But it’s not all seriousness there either. They are a wild bunch and there is always much laughter and fun to be had. There is nothing they love more then to have a tequila shot or two and fling paint at the walls!!!

At Mischief Circus, they  laugh at rules, stomp on boxes and have fun creating! Their greatest wish is for everyone to celebrate their own creative spirit and encourage everyone else to celebrate theirs. Be your own person. Dare to be different!!!

We hope you are as excited about our June sponsor as we are! Now go create some dark mischief!

Our First Sponsor

Presenting our very first sponsor and "Creepster Feature".

We will be doing a showcase or as we like to call it a "Creepster
Feature" on an artist who helps us to create and inspire our dark art!

And first up is our very generous and first sponsor of our challenge blog! Rick St. Dennis, MFA, is a busy man being an artist, designer, digital stamp designer, and holding classes!  Whew, makes me tired just repeating his schedule!  He is out of Seal Beach, California (love the beach part, too, Rick!)

Rick's shops:



And his blog is:


a wonderful resource, "how to" blog:


Rick has some challenge blogs as well:



An amazing Facebook group, too:


A big thank you to Rick St. Dennis for a wonderful blast off for our challenge!

Please show your love by visiting his blog and shops, how can you not be inspired. And if you have never seen Rick's fantastic art, you are in for a wonderful treat!

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