Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Smoke 'Shrooms, Not Coal

You might not see a category in the Rubber Dance stamp catalogue for steampunk-themed stamps.  But you can see die-cut cogs here, so what's going on?
Along the lines of the Peace movement "Make Love Not War", a Protest Movement against steampunk's underlying cause of global-warming has found it into my "PC-aware" altered book.

Aided & abetted by some wonderful mushroom stamps, This Punked Parrot is tripping out on them big time :)
And Dr True's punchy elixir is guaranteed to knock you into next century - where steam must never be coal-fired!
Doesn't that Kroma crackle paste give a crepuscular look!  And would you believe those "bruises" on the knuckles are... mushroom stamps!!!!
Both the bird and fist come from Things to Alter, and here is what they looked like before the crackle went on.  The fist had been brushed with an interference blue paint, lightly so it didn't get in the cracks.  After the crackle, I had to take a fine pen and draw in the etched-in lines again.

All the word stamps came from Rubber Dance, though some were only part-used.
So thanks again Bibi of Rubber Dance, for helping some bird do a "clean green" narcotic-fuelled dance whilst saving the planet!!!

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  1. Hahaha...love the sentiment...I as very tempted by the "shroom" stamps myself XXX

    1. I can heartily recommend the 'shrooms, Gina. Watch out, they'll be flavouring next month's posts as well :)

  2. Coolbeans! Or should I say coolshrooms! This is a fab spread with a lot going on, Anne! Love the crackle and so cool that the mushroom stamps could be used for bruises, too. How on earth did you think of that?? I learn something new about my own stamps every day. Thank you! ♥

  3. Thanks Bibi, it was one of those serendipitous moments.