Sunday, June 5, 2016

Skull Appreciation Day Recap - Give Flowers

Just a quick recap, sharing Asylum Anne's fab flowers so it is easy to find again...

And now for something waaaay different - give Flowers on Skull Appreciation Day:

Flowers - sweet.
Crochet flowers – double “sweet”
But... just as a cog or gear on a project means you can call it Steampunk, simply involving a skull makes it Dark or Creepy. Well, sort of.
First up: if you can't crochet yet, let me refer you to Auntie Google's right-hand man, Youtube for a lesson or three. It's a compact skill – a small ball of cotton, a crochet hook no bigger than a ballpoint pen and you are occupied in the dentist waiting room, the bus queue, and in days gone by, that 40-hour sequence of flights to get one from Middle Earth to Malta. (I wonder if bamboo hooks may still be ok)

Anyway.... Skull Flowers:

One can take any Irish Crochet flower pattern, and attach a skull in the centre. Or crochet a length and spiral that round itself. The advantage of doing it this way is that you can adapt the rate of spiral, and have far more “petals”. The tail of the cast-on end of the thread can be used to thread through a skull bead and hold it in place. The finishing tail can be used to catch-stitch the spirals to keep their place.

All these ones have the same Row 1, 2 & 3. Row 4 changes. I was brought up in the “English” tradition of labelling stitches, and really prefer charts.

Row 1: Chain 72 (or any multiple of 3)
Row 2: Skip 5 chain, Treble in 6th chain. * Miss 2 chain, Treble ch2 Tr eble in next chain * repeat until you run out of chain. Turn work
Row 3: Chain 1, slip stitch in ch2 loop. Chain3 (= Treble), treble, chain 2, 2 treble all in same loop. Repeat in every loop across.

Row 4 variation a: Chain 1. Turn work. Dc in treble. In loop: Halftreble, 3 treble, half treble, double crochet. Repeat across to the end.

Row 4 variation b: Slip stitch to loop. Chain 3 (= 1 treble), treble, chain 3, slipstitch in top of treble (=picot), 2 treble. * Chain 2, double crochet after 2 treble, chain 2. In next loop 2 treble, picot, 2 treble* across the piece.

Row 4 variation c: In each loop 3 treble, picot, 3 treble. Double crochet between 2nd and 3rd treble

Once you've done enough, use the cast-on tail to stitch the skull bead, then start winding the length round & round to form petals.  Use the finishing tail to catch-stitch them in place.

Thank you so much Anne for this awesome project!


  1. Thanks for sharing your tutorial, Anne! Looks funnnn! :))

  2. These look fab! I'm still learning to crochet. Creative Blessings, Tracy x

    1. Crochet is fun and highly portable craft, well worth practicing, so I wish you many happy hours with it.


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