Saturday, January 20, 2018


Was Poe's birthday, but the blog hop is taking 5 days to celebrate.  He was a writer, but as computers didn't exist in those days, he almost certainly had a pencil case! Asylum Anne found it:
  Or something similar for quills and quill-trimming equipment.
His wee notebook is full of cartoon sketches of ideas he doesn't want to forget - for me, it arrived with the poseable doll hanging around in these photos - from Silver Crow Creations
The detailing on the outer lid of the tin owes itself to a Joe Rotella recipe in Creative Jumpstart 2018, with random bits of sweat/patina heat-embossed on the edges.  The bird - originally white, and the chippies brownish, were treated with Viva's patina, and paints.
Don't you love his dancing pose?  I guess Poe kept notes anywhere there was a blank space to write on.  On the back of his tin, heat-embossed stamps from Smeared Ink reproduced his inky memos.
On the inside, Smeared Ink, Blank Page Muse, Carmens Veranda all provided aide-memoires
And as you can see, it was a well-used pencil tin!  Emerald Creek embossing powder again - a chunky one, Burnt Copper Leaves - providing the grubby patina man can only get on a tv remote these days.


  1. Poe My Godssss!!! How did I not know about this? (internet down since wednesday) Hope I find time to join in!!!!

  2. Oh I just LOVE this! Fabulous case and mini Poe makes me giggle. xxD

  3. oh my gosh stunning!!!! I so love this . I really enjoyed your post. Mini Poe is cute to.

  4. Love how you have done the outside. Fabulous texture!

  5. Fabulous texture on your box! Gorgeous!

  6. Fantastic project! I love how you created the texture on the outside! Nice embellishments!

  7. LOVE the texture you achieved!! Fantastic piece! Thank you for sharing!