Monday, January 1, 2018

Last Year's Stuff is This Year's Use-by

New Year's Resolution:  USE what I already have!
A box canvas - already meant as an art print, with tomatoes, leaves and other fruit printed on it.  Painted over in gold Lumiere paint, then stencilled - finished off the tube of texture paste.  
Crackle paste over the dried stencilled patches (sortof). 
Layer of medium over the crackle to stop it all cracking right off. 
Skulls from October. (Time to make a new batch).

I don't "do" floral-pretty, yet I have a stash of flowers.  weird huh?  
So I pulled out heaps of white flowers, leaves and arranged them 
around the piece (oops, where was the camera???)  
And a few metal leaves and filigrees, 
resisting the temptation to go steampunk 
(apart from the clock bottom right).  
Some discs out of computer hard drives, 
some top-hat-wearing skull cameos
 that have been round forever.  
Sprinkled Paper Artsy infusions powder over all
 the flowers and leaves, then water-spritzed to activate.  
You wouldn't believe there was any lime green used, 
it has been overwhelmed.  
I oversprayed with Lindy Stamp Gang's Moonshadow Golden Dubloons, 
and their Fabio black round the edges.  The black has rather disappeared, 
but gave some of the crackle areas a pewter look.

And the whole piece...


What a great resolution - I really, really should do that too ...
hmmmmm .... well, anyhow, this time I had some NEW
stamps with me from Unity Stamp and I made a tag,
coloring it with Inktense pens.

You know... sometime it feels like there is a sorrow for
every happy moment in life...

But, I (Granne) wish you all a very happy
 and creative year 2018, hope to see
many, many wonderful art pieces linked to our froggy, :=D


  1. Happy new year. Hoping your 2018 is awesome. Hugz

  2. I totally love the reworking of this stash! It is my new favourite thing to do too :D XXX