Wednesday, February 7, 2018

First Winner of the New Year! January 2018

Hello Hello!

Welcome back and thanks so much for coming over today!
This day brings the first creative challenge winner for 2018! Yay! So let's keep this short and sweet :)

For January 2018, this wonderful artist took some (un)common "junk" and made a richly textured and oh-so-intriguing Treasure Box! So shiny and sure to hold the rarest most priceless treasure known to all, surely Cap'n Jack will be hunting this one for sure, hide the map!

January 2018 WINNER:

is an amazing artist, 
so please hop over and check out her art, she is so creative and inspiring!
And Gina, a little skelebirdie whispered in my ear that a wee bit of happy mail might be around...

Thanks again,  we offer all of you our sincere gratitude
 for playing along each month 
and for creARTing! 
C'mon back in a few days for some new treats to gaze upon!

See you soon, HERE is the link back to this month's Challenge, the optional theme is Playing Cards! You are welcome to stack the deck and show off your stash, errr reduce your stash and create!


  1. :D :D :D Thank you for providing a place to share some of our "darker" more "unusual" creations. Whenever I start to feel a bit "twee" I know I can rely on you folks to drag me back :D XXX

    1. Glad we keep you in touch with that side of "life" You're a great inspiration to me too. Are our backs sufficiently mutually scratched now?