Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Be prepared for Valentine Day

Enjoying the Leigh SB Design My Dark Valentine hop?
Are we sending/receiving Valentines?  If you're worried Evil Froggie might make a snatch for them, I have a couple of Card Guards ready for duty.  Whaddya think?  This fella turned up a day early - he's #13, and Valentine Day is 14th.  So even in my time zone he's well ahead of EF.
Here they are, keeping an eye the letterbox
Thanks to Michael deMeng's online class "Altered Alice" for sending me down this path!
The heart a-top #11 does spin (radar?  Windsock???) , and his spear has already seen effective action.
I'm sure I have ordinary cards, but could only find minis, looong oval, round, or Shakespeare-quoting packs, so had to go shopping for a pack of cards, and what I got had numbers up to 13 as well as the trad court cards.  C'mon, this is supposed to be  a Dark blog, so of course #13 was perfect for the this Red Queen's guard.
and continued like this

Yes, genuine oyster shell and sand pen shells were used - this guard has given the shirt off his back In Service - and is down to the bare bones of his arse!  So he got some coats of paint to warm him.

I have to thank Elli Jenks, of Rubber Bandit Stamps, and Brightsea Village for this other Guard's head, she's fantastic at making polymer clay pieces so I hope she's ok with how I used this one:
This post has been hijacked to participate in Leigh SB's Valetine blog hop, so leave us some love, and off you go.


  1. Oh WOW! They are totally AMAZING! I covet those #13 cards and the brilliant way they were put together. Fabulous! xxD

    1. Thanks Donna, it was such a lucky random thing.

  2. *Bouncing up and down* Squeeeeeal!!! These are AWESOME!!!!! :D XXXX

    1. Hi Gina, do you need some more, stronger springs?

  3. Happy Dark Valentine, thrilled to have you joining in the fun again this month! Oh my goth! As a huge Alice fan I love these card guards & #13 playing cards, say what now, gimme! I neeeeedz these for my playing card collection!

    1. $2-type shop will help you out there :) I'm keeping the rest for future fun

  4. Happy Dark Valentine - totally awesome altered Alice playing cards!!

  5. Such wonderfully scary little chaps. Amazing ! x


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