Monday, April 13, 2015

Introducing CT Anne with Smaug's Lair... the Mysteries of Middle Earth

We begin this week with our next introduction with a fantastic project from Anne.. Welcome Anne to the Creative Team!  Anne does not blog but shares some fabulous work on Facebook. Her fantastic creations are such a pleasure to share. 

Here is a first a peek at this amazing work:

It is wonderful to use Anne's own words in a description with some very interesting info about Down Under!  

Anne: "Stick a skeleton on it and that makes it creepy? Especially when it's bashing its way out through some sheets of mica. I live Down Under, in the Land of Middle Earth, so we have Sauron's eye overlooking the skellie, and also a peek into Smaug's lair. Is that starting to creep you out a bit? Well how about the naive hobbit taking a bath at the entrance to the dragon's lair! 

"This started life as a book, the pages were removed, and layers of foam board with shims inserted to give dimensionality and to separate the layers."

"Another angle for the book-caves.  Doubtless  some of you will recognize a couple of Spellbinder's nesting dies on the left side.  The Crackle texture is taught by Michael deMeng in various on-line classes.  And did you notice the eye is shut? (told you to look!)  It's a "lenticular winkie" that changes depending on the angle you look from - and I them and bath tubs (the hobbit) from SilverCrow Creations.  I did an on-line class run by Michael deMeng Assemblage Art called "Punk Fiction-Altering Books from the Inside and Out".

"The front cover shows Bilbo about to enter Moria.  Ephemera comes from all sorts of places. New Zealand did a series of commemorative stamps, and this picture is from the brochure.  I'm guessing it's only creepy because we know what happened next....."

And that is not only a description of this fabulous project but I had to go back and Google some history and legends I was so curious!  Thanks to Anne for sharing this with us today!!  I am sure that this has inspired you as it has all of us to start thinking in "creep"!  A book, an awesome card by Granne, a canvas, and ....I won't spoil the surprise but wait until you see what Kim has for you on Wednesday!!  
We are decorating for the party on May 1st so grab your finest creep or two or three or limit on how many times you may enter! and meet us here for the fun!  

Like that eye in Anne's book, we are watching to see who is getting never know when our eyes are shut....or OPEN!!   Bwaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaa!


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  2. Eyes wide shut? You have been "Advised"

  3. I love this. I can't wait to see what's next!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Annie! We are so excited as you can tell :) I am like you this team surprises each other all the time! It's like Christmas!

    2. Thanks, Annie. I do have fun in my own off-beat way, and love learning & trying out new techniques.

  4. Fantastic project love the theme.
    Rose xx

    1. Thanks again, Rose! We so appreciate your comments and visiting us! Anne did stuff on this book I can't even begin to understand!! :)

    2. Thanks Rose, it's often surprising what "connects" in my brain - standing in the queue in the Post Office right beside the "Commemorative" offerings. I also drop in at the local information centre and pick up brochures of "places to go, things to do" that eventually find their way into my art.


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