Saturday, May 23, 2015

Time to Play With DominoArt's 15 Days of Terror with CT Anne

Vladimir Kryznkwzi was born of mixed parentage.  It was not a happy mix.  He consorted with the necks of Lost Coast Women, had his arms surgically replaced with additional blood-sucking teeth.  These and other excesses were dubiously tolerated by the family, until the day his gambling habit saw him gamble away his Vampyre Cloake – a family heirloom of course, handed down for generations – not withstanding that “Hotel “Transylvania” was printed on the back!

At which point his family said “Enough”, bought him a backpack and sent him as far away as they could – Australia – where he wandered the outback, and gambled away his Remittance Cheques, which his family sent out regularly.

And we hope you take a moral from this story!  Don't loose your head or cape over a lovely neck!!
Please run over to DominoArt  here and leave some love for the Queen of the Sharpies aka Queen of DominoArt as she tides us over until Halloween arrives again!

This marks the halfway point to Halloween so go see the great makes and then make a dark, lovely, creepy, Halloween project and come enter it here at Dream in Darkness!  Combine it with DominoArt's current challenge at the blog whose theme is "Ravens"!  Double the fun with one make!

You will find the details of the current challenge when you go visit Vlad here at DominoArt.  Again, two for one!  Even we dark siders love a bargain...UNLESS it is a cute bargain..shudder!!  Then we run to our haunted houses and hide for days maybe weeks!! So please keep it dark, we really enjoy being out and about among all you lovely creepy crawlies so don't make us go into hiding!  And as you know we have ways of knowing when you add that cute little bow or sweet sentiment!!


  1. And still he has a smile! Love his back story

    1. Thanks so much, Anne always has an amazing story for each project. Thanks so much for stopping by!
      CT kim


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