Thursday, July 23, 2015

CT Anne's "Frankinella"

As usual, we gave you just a sneak peek at CT Anne's make with Frankinella an image by Ike's Art the we held a day long celebration with yesterday!  So without our words bogging you down, here is Anne's words to tell the story!

" A Midnight beach party perhaps, with everyone flying or hopping in to join Frankinella? And an awfully cheery prophylactic on the horizon promising to keep her happy. Though the barbed legend surely hints at a darker tale."

"Oh No!!!! She's a Princess Frankinella! And she's not happy about all these frogs jumping at her wanting to be kissed. But *sigh* they just can't help themselves, despite the warning in the skies."

Don't you just love shopping at suppliers who also offer freebies? Besides Frankinella from Ikes Art (THANK YOU IKE!), when I was pushing a trolley round Mischief Circus I stumbled over a hatching baby dragon set
I have a metre-high stack of kiwiana scrapbook papers - used just one of them here.
Rubber stamps are from:
Queen Kat designs,

Wow! What a difference light makes to this situation!  The poor frogs...uh oh!  Has CT Anne been behind the Evil Froggy abduction of CT Nan???  She knows this will anger Evil Froggy so badly!  We fear we may never get poor old CT Nan back with us!  And to know now, that CT Anne must be involved! Oh the horror we are facing here at Dream in Darkness!  Who will be next?  CT Kim? CT Granne? I don't think CT Anne has to worry, do you?

We hate to beg but our only hope is for you to enter your most awesome projects as soon as possible!  What will happen if we are all gone?  CT Anne will run the asylum as dictator!  Oh how we are in a state of panic!  Hurry and help us defeat Evil Froggy and reverse the mind control over CT Anne!  Thank yo................................................................................................................. 


  1. Mwahahaha...I don't think those froggies have noticed that "Frog's legs" are on the nibbles menu :D XXX

  2. Spot on Gina - though there IS one grumpy ole coot of a frog there... maybe he's the only Prince among them... As for Evil Froggy abducting CT Nan, I have so many frog stamps, I'd never know if he was lurking among them or not. So Watch Out Nan - that frog in your swimming pool may be......

  3. That is just brilliant and made me laugh soooo much :-D LUV the cheery prophylactic bwaaahahahaha
    Let's hope that we can get CT Nan back soon !!!!!

    IKE xxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. OH Ike it is so dreary here in Froggy's "home" ugh! Hoping for release soon but thinking that Anne has a part in this.....may need to call in the troops if she is! LOL Evil minded that many ideas in that head! Thanks for your concern..sob! xx


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