Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Ode to Sorrow

Sorrow hits us all and we all handle it in many different ways.  I was working on this lovely floral paper designed by Dragons Lairs Designs toward a pretty make ( I know, CT Anne is pitching a fit at that word on this blog!!!) when I added the awesome face from the "Steampunk Profile" from StitchyBear's Digi Outlet when all I could think of was how I have to smile right now while hurting so badly underneath that smile.  So this lovely profile tries to express that and the quote I found seemed fitting somehow to me. 

I made her smaller to represent the overwhelming feelings that are surrounding her like the spider and his many webs mere specks away from her.  I hope this can show that digital stamps can be manipulated just as rubber stamps can making them a good investment not just for one time use but adaptable for many uses.  Thanks again to StitchyBear for their sponsorship this month and to win your own image to play with just drop those entries HERE and Froggy will gobble them up after we have a look and leave you some love!

Don't forget that in our house we don't get sappy at Valentine's Day!  No way!  We might just be called "Anti-Valentine's Day" proponents.  So don't forget to leave us your make for your ex, channel those feeling from high school if you have to! or just your view if you share ours of Valentine's Day at the same spot as above!  Who knows, there maybe an extra "heart" chosen for the best worst Valentine's entry??  Muwahahahaha and MUWAH!


  1. Dark things happen to nice people, glad you were able to find a quote expressing that. Sad you've had to go through the dark experience.

    1. You know better than I my dear friend but thank you xx


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