Friday, May 6, 2016

Here Dolly Dolly~Challenge #13 with Lunagirl!

Paper Dolls someone said.  But we're Dark, Creepy, Weird.  Coupled with Luna Girl's Minis #2 I am really really challenged.  Whilst my teamies might have sourced other templates, I went to my go-to for all sorts of templates, Mirkwood Designs.
So, thinking prosthetic limbs, thalidomide babies, Genetic modifications, I started cluttering up the last 100 square millimetres on my desk, and came up with these "ladies"...

Mona Lisa is long dead, it figures her bones would have wandered, or be in disarray:

Stencils, grey flowersoft, a bone across her head

I thought back to those books divided so you could flip pages to change heads, torsos and legs, so why not give this one frogs legs (they and torso are Sunday Int stamps) and fly-away hair.  And yes, those are teeny tiny peacock feathers for arms.

And now with a whole peacock roosting on this body, the hands & feet musculature exposed, and the Luna Girls minis turning up in suggestive places...

The last one for now, showing some exquisite bladder control technique - or is she trying to  flaunt, or hide, her box from Santa?  And her other personal attributes?

With her body a bit zombiefied, one truly cannot say there are no flies on her either - flies & ants stamps from vivalasvegas stamps and eyes from Rubber Bandit Stamps

Thanks Luna Girl for setting in train such a storm of ways to use these collage pieces now & in the future.  I hope you've been inspired to weird-up your own "goody-goody" images, and 
link them to our Anything (dark, weird) Goes challenge here:


  1. These are so fabulous and your post is hilarious! Love, love, LOVE! xxD

  2. Thanks Donna, I will admit to having a "naughty" mind at times, and these sortof fell in to place, though I guess I'm a bit off-brief if you're laughing rather than feeling creeped out LOL

  3. I love articulated paper dolls....will be making some myself I think :D XXX

    1. How about some articulated sheep, company for Mavis

  4. magnifique phenomenal ! merci du coeur


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