Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Have Bog Roll, Will Travel

Well!  Even in polite company, at the end of a loooong trip, there's always an uncivilised rush for a toilet.  And Make It Crafty tickled my off-beat sense of humour as I loaded up my cart.  Now I don't often use digis, so it was a challenge to work this way, especially regarding the colouring in aspect - so many talented colourists out there... and how was I going to fill the backgrounds?   I'd recently watched a Stencil Girl Club-only video about making waves.  So, pencils and stencils.  Everything was designed as one piece, printed out to be a journal page, then coloured & stencil-coloured in front of tv episodes of Outback Trucker, and the log burner.
In the race for the Dunny, you wouldn't want to lose your roll of toilet paper overboard.  Made by winding some white ribbon round a bit of kebab skewer, glued into place.  I love the Flying Machine, and been looking forward to using it for ages.  With the Olympics coming up, what could be more fun than a race between steam-in-air versus sail-on-water once I saw the Sailing Leaf 

Some coggy washi tape was used as a frame, the "sun" was a piece of energy drink can die cut, and to set a scene with the finished piece, I've "accessorised" with some more cogs from Things To Alter

Waves and sky from Stencil Girl
If you're reading this in the Smallest Room" on your ipad/phone..., please don't flush your reader when you're finished.

Enjoy this take on steampunk and our common theme: "Anything goes: dark, weird, odd", and add your own wacky weird or daaark makes at this link


  1. BWAHAHahahahahaha.....*says she who carries a bog roll in her bag...just in case* :D XXX

  2. And I keep one - the mega-roll size -in the boot of my car too. Kindred spirits, Gina!


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