Monday, December 19, 2016

Red Against the World

CT Nan today with a mixed emotions canvas.  It is the holiday season and to some it is bringing extreme joy and for many others it can be causing pain and turmoil.  So using my Grumbacher acrylic paints and Transparentizer along with the Art Sherpa's guidance on Youtube, I painted a canvas showing Red Riding Hood as she looks into the dark woods with a strong wind blowing against her back pushing her along toward a destiny that she may dread but does not back down from.

Maybe Krampus is waiting around the bend instead of the wolf?  Maybe a reoccurring nightmare that plaques her?  But she chooses to face it in her heels (my kind of gal!) so I think she has the guts to defeat whatever the enemy might be!

Still lots and lots of time to play this month!  Another winner will be chosen for the Grumbacher supplies so grab your paper and markers or paint and get messy and inky whatever it takes to get an entry into the frog!  Be on the lookout for a close friend of his to make an appearance in about a week!  That is a friendly shout out or warning...even we don't know which one it is!

Merry Creepmas!


  1. Ooooh - that is wonderful. I love this. So creepy cool. :-) xxxxxxxx

    1. Thanks so much, Ike! And congrats on the win :) xx

  2. She looks like she is looking forward to meeting what or whoever is waiting around that bend ...go girl! XXX

  3. She knows she can handle it that's for sure! I need some of her energized never, Gina! :) xx