Sunday, April 1, 2018

April Fool meet Easter

What a combination!  
Easter celebration after a man is a Fool for love of Humanity.

After a lot of inspiration fallen by the wayside, 
Asylum Anne has ended up with  set of ATCs obliquely hitting the occasion:

And Granne is hitting a old doll's chair from flea market

with Gesso, paint, wax, tape and lots of pits and bobs.
Here's how it turn out at the end:





So mum was happy with the making process and
my girl was happy to have a new chair for her pullip doll :)

The April Fool's Day Frog is raging and gobbled up our post today, yikes! 
So I am feeling realllllllyyyy morbidly curious why the day is what it is and can't wait to be done!

Well let's see if this works and stays today!
If it does, you will see the linky thingy right below, if not will try to fix it on April 2nd!


  1. OMG that chair is amazing!!! and the ATC's very inspiring :D XXX

  2. Fabulous projects ladies! I miss the macabre. xxD