Saturday, July 18, 2015

A Little Postcard From a Lovelie from Ike's Art!

Well, I just found out that vampires also take vacations AND send postcards back to Mom!  Yes, I found this lying by the mail box....still trying to figure that one out and also sleeping with garlic by the bed! and thought you might like to see it!  The image I found by researching is by non other than our beloved Ike's Art!  She is found in the "Succubus Set of 5" an awesome set one of those must haves!  The background again researched is from Mischief Circus's Holliewood Studios kit "More Brains".  That is all the info I have as the address and info on the back had smeared due to the rain?  As I said, watching the daughter very carefully but then could the son have a "girl friend" who happens to be a vampire??  Very worried!  So soon we may not only be missing our dear CT who posted and Evil Froggy now has! holding until more entries come to him but if I go missing this postcard is evidence!  Here it is and make sure you memorize the details...just in case!

That face looks remotely familiar.....did I see it on a blog from an entry?!?  Oh well, the garlic stays, ugh! until this mystery is solved!  Now for the other mystery we have, Evil Froggy refuses to release our teamie until we get those entries in!  We tried to enter our own makes but he is no dumb frog!  He caught on and was very very angry!  Vampires, Evil Frogs....what is happening here?  We are afraid, very afraid!  Shh! What was that? The noises are getting closer!  Hurry! Slap that photo in a blog and visit Evil Froggy!
Kind of jittery but need to remind you to visit back on the 22nd this Wednesday, to see a fab surprise from Ike's Art!   Sorry but I must go now! Much too nervous!
Can't even do an evil laugh!


  1. Gorgeously gruesome project Nan.
    Rose x

  2. Hahahaha - EXCELLENT :-D A brilliant card :-D I do hope you stay safe over there :-)

    IKE xxxxxx

    1. got the garlic at my side and in my salad! LOL xx

  3. UhOh! Is the postman still alive and enjoying his/her freedom???

    1. hmmm come to think of mail in a few days?? xx


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