Saturday, May 28, 2016

Monster Madness~Blog Party May 28th 2016

Thanks for hopping by today! We are playing along in something a bit new today, the May Monster Madness Blog Party! This party is just getting started and there are a bunch more stops to make!

Grumpoyles - Are they Little Grumpies suffering multiple personality disorder?  Are they Gargoyles pretending to have skills needed for Immigration to allow them in?  It was very late, almost dusk on a sunny Spring evening when this motley assortment made it to the Down Under Asylum.

Incognito?  I don't think so!  But some of them are certainly making free with an ornate candlestick, which is a bit batty.  Maybe they think it is a Christmas Tree, and they are the most fabulous ornaments it could ask for!

Perhaps Immigration needs to check each one.
Obviously won't be a drain on our orthodontic budget with these well-honed teeth.  The gargoyle silhouette was over-stamped with a tree bark background from Smeared Ink's Urban Decay set.  A row of gold nuggets (rhinestones) suggest this guy is well set up for any future dental care.

Clearly this Gargoyl has eaten something that disagrees with him - that half-digested torso trying to get out... or is it reaching for an Asylum Nurse?  At least it arrived with some precious gems in its claws.

Another wealthy immigrant, a row of precious gem nuggets.  But that spider - is it coming, or going?  Do we need to fumigate?

Apparently this fellow dodged the Gargoyle Complex and flew in under his own steam. (steam? Get it?  Steampunk?  Sure?  You really got it now?  A Steampunk Lil Grumpie?  Just born last month?) Clever you are!!!

Well Well Well!  Is this a spider trying to sneak past our stringent biosecurity?  We had to take a swab and do some DNA testing before this punky character was allowed to stay.

Just as we thought they had all arrived and been processed, another stumped in:  From the Fringe set, you have to wonder about a being that has a woman at its throat (and a pelvis from another stamp co)

So there we have it, an even half-dozen critters.  The Family Portrait (in dusky sunlight):

Lost Coast Designs have an Articulated Skeleton that's been getting a real workout from me the past couple of months - the pelvis on Stumpoyl is part of the set.
Smeared Ink have all the other stamps, I have them in rubber except for the Steampunk Grumpies.  They were mostly stamped, coloured, fussy-cut then glued to gargoyle silhouettes which had been cit from cereal boxes -  they even had their own food for the journey!
The background in all the pictures is the piece of heavy packing paper that has spent some time in the "spray booth" - so many different colours from Lindy's Stamp Gang pile up and create something that will be marvvellous to recycle into different projects.
P.S.  Some would say such a "family" would have their own furbaby.  You'll just have to backtrack to Dargoyle on Carmen's Veranda facebook picture to see that beastie.

It's going to take some serious therapy to help these guys DISintegrate their personalities, so life's going to be pretty scary round here - perfectly normal, in other words!  
BUT..... Halloween 2016 and WATCH OUT!!!!

DT Granne here hopping to the partyyyyyyy!
And I'm bringing a AJ page with me.

Stamps used: Lost Coast Designs: ATC Faces and
Vampire skull by Rick St Dennis.

Looks like he's been BAD, bad boy - and maybe still is...

CT kim last to the party as always!
I have an excuse, realllllly I do...
I was helping Miss Frankie get ready for the Midnight Ball!

Miss Frankie is a fabulous fashionista designed by the ever so talented Ike of Ike's Art
She had to get her green on and no time to waste!

Skelly bat up top is a fabulous Holiday Happy Mail stencil 
received from the wicked Granne. The stencil is made by Panduro Hobby. 
The clockface with hand is a rubber stamp I acquired from a crafty de-stash, unlabeled. 
It might be Third Coast.

Thanks for looking, now off to the Ball!
But wait!!!
Come back and link up your creatively creative Monster Makes with us, 
happy to have you join our party, too!
Our Linky is HERE

Party On!


  1. I love those ... So creative

  2. Don't know that my artwork for the party would qualify for this challenge, but loved seeing your fab creations :D XXX

  3. You're very creative and artistic and a witty writer to boot! Love your post!

  4. They look fabulous on their candelabra.

  5. A cool set of creations, and a fun read.

  6. I completely love the way you've introduced these delightfully monstrous wee ones. I completely agree, they would be a great asset to any country. No draining to speak of--well, maybe a bit of blood here and there, but that's replaceable.

    Thanks so much for sharing them with us.

    Happiest MMM!

  7. How absolutely fang-tastic! Hope the gates on the asylum are good and strong!

  8. Great creations! Lots of imagination in those beasties. Love Miss Frankie in her ball gown too.

  9. Such wonderful creations. 💀

  10. LOVE these, especially Miss Frankie!

  11. Wow! A veritable cornucopia of fabulous monsters! What a fang-tastic post!! Thanks so much for being a part of May Monster Madness!!

  12. I'm in love with your family of Grumpoyles and delighted they also come bearing crystal gems, so kind of them to bring gifts. :)

  13. Wow you have some great talent!

  14. Love your post!!!! Love your creations!!!!

  15. Oooo! I love the Grumpoyles! Very cool!


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