Thursday, December 17, 2015

150 years in the Dungeon and Things are Melting Away with Sue!

And Alice must be getting pretty sick of it!  Not to mention the chains getting so rusty all the Steampunkers will be out to snitch them.  Happy 15th Birthday Alice! BUT someone is in the Dungeons, having yet to commit a dastardly crime!  Now THAT'S what I call Preventive Custody!!  I have a 1924 copy of "Through the Looking Glass" and rather than ri a page out, did a colour photocopy to retain the patina of the paper, and enlarged to 122% to work better with the size of stamps in my Collection. Look at all those dead pawn skeletons scattered round the dungeon chessboard floor.

There are several different stamp companies offering Alice stamps. I added to the original dungeon with a stairway to heaven or at least out of the dungeon. It and the Diminishing Glass are stamps from Silver Crow Creations, who also have some unusual-shaped playing cards that found their way here. Not exactly a Royal Flush, though!  The Mad Hatter squatting doesn't have that fearfully constipated look either!

All stamps were heat embossed and a wash of using Golden Fluid Acrylic paints with interference green painted over the dungeon.

Page adhered to black mat board, chains ...well wouldn't YOU be dragging YOUR chains after a 150 years???

Chess Board Lost Coast Designs
Red Queen, mouse and skeletons MadRat
Stairway., Diminishing Glass, and Oval Playing Cards Silver Crow Creations

Don't move an inch it's time for next installment of Sue's story!

Freddy had just finished decorating his home. He had fairy lights and a jolly snowman, he was wearing his best Creepmas jumper complete with jingle bells and was looking for some new toilet rolls.. the ones with images of reindeer embossed for comfort. He was not amused when he saw what he thought was a drunk Creepmas tree hiding under a bush at the back of his house. Kevin had told Freddy that he was welcome to move into the outhouse at a fair rent... but wasn't prepared to share his home with uninvited guests. There was some strange black sparkly dust trailing after the tree and bits of tag and ribbon floating about. Meanwhile, Wilbur had introduced everyone to Mr Egg (Looks a bit like a spoon) and Mr Nog (The thingy with all the legs sitting in the bowl) Val brightened up and started giving Doris and Nan bottles of rather chewy wine. Doris made herself comfy on the couch, strange that she hadn't noticed it before. It was really quite a lovely couch with a place for her glass and a plate ready for some savory nibbles. The pattern of the fabric was almost hypnotic, it really looked like the vines were moving. The cushions seemed to hug Doris as she wriggled a bit, sleepy with sherry and wine. Was the couch getting larger or was Doris relaxing just a little too much. As Doris stretched and turned to reach her glass her legs sank into such a comfortable weightless softness. Her back followed then her arms. She knew something was wrong when her head was cradled by the extra frou frou Creepmas throw and she was slowly and gently absorbed by the demon couch. Kevin had always hated the couch..a gift from his Auntie and had never sat on it. Now he thought what a great way to do a spot of recycling.

Background kits from Mischief Circus
 Well, lets hope CT Nan can handle her "chewy wine" in time for Christmas! Meanwhile, the Frog is not happy one bit! He has thrown off his hat and trashed the tree and you know why..yes, you do!  Get those entries in we worked hard on that darn tree! 

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  1. I'm curious about that "chewy" wine too... did my cherries ferment in their own juice, softening the stones? Cos I luuurve Cherry Brandy. Maybe chewy wine came from Alice's Dungeon. And will we get to see The Couch?

  2. Fab Alice images - will have to look for these. Sue's scene leaps out of the screen with colour today!


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