Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Time for some Creepmas with Rick St. Dennis

Merry Creepmas, all you fabulous peeps!  

We are celebrating a bunch of things this go round: we have back to sponsor us the awesome Rick St. Dennis (AWESOME SALE!!! going on now run do not walk!) who has well over a thousand digis at his Zibbet Super Store! with his wonderful abundant Creepmas digis and we have made it to the end of the year in one piece!  

And then there is Creepmas, itself, to celebrate and we will be doing so up until December 23rd  so keep visiting  us for all the fun!  Plus, we will be having a contest to see who can leave a comment on our blog every other day (that will be odd days) until the 23rd of this month.  Then all names will be put in good old random org. and one winner will receive some lovely rubber stamps!  

Plussssss, yes there is more! We have a very special Guest Creative that has agreed to provide some wonderful warm Creepmas storytime every odd day to December 23rd! You may already know and love dear Applejack Sue from 31 Days of Halloween! Whooo hoo, Sue is back with a Creepmas tale to share, you can find the fist chapter below. Please do hop over to her blog to visit too, share the love :)

Now enough chatter, here are the team's holiday spirit at its best :)  To start us off CT Anne has given us only this much today!  "All through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a .... mouse??? EEEEEK!!! It's a RATTTT!!!!!!!!"

"Caustic Rattflynger" part of some beauties on this....teased you enough? Muwahahaha!
For the rest of the Creepmas show come back on the 3rd and make sure to comment on every odd day through the 23rd!

CT Granne has a two-parter for you, too!  Here are the first teases ;)

 From this to.......

 "Christmas Early Thaw" digi from Rick, he must have seen some angry thawing snowmen!  EEK!

"Godarkly Crumbcake" yummily frightful!
 Don't miss tomorrow for the other many sides to this awesome piece!
 CT Nan has a heartbreaking tale "The Troubles of Mrs. Claus".  It seems she has "caught" a bug..and it is progressing quiet rapidly doing a great deal of damage to the poor dear plus she has always had the FaLaLaLa Choir to sing Santa off for his ride but her head is splitting (literally)!  So to say she is not happy is an under statement....we will see how she fairs.

CT Kim is getting the party started!

"Creepmas Nerd BeNder"

So to recap the important stuff:  comment every other day (odd days) through the 23rd and you will be entered to win this rubber stamp kindly donated by CT Anne:

 AND if you comment on every post ( that means even an even day's post lol!) we make through the 23rd we will throw your name in twice!  Next, the really, really important one....show us your Creepmas makes or any makes that fit our weird, oddities, dark, etc. rules and keep that blasted frog happy!  Now I am off to put the rats and bones on the tree as we are decorating so see you tomorrow for CT Granne's  finale of her tale!

Drumroll please......our special Guest Creative, Sue!!

Chapter 1 

Kevin had survived Halloween. Fifi had finally dried her fur and of course it had gone frizzy. Betty who lived in Kevin's pocket had come off worse. She died the day Kevin was rescued from the lake. One of the ghouls was a part time taxidermist and he treated and stuffed Betty and arranged her in an almost natural position and stitched her into Kevin's front pocket. Kevin was feeling festive. He strung Creepmas lights outside his house underneath the bats. The bats were quite annoyed at this but stayed where they were after Kevin had tied their legs to the wires which held the lights in place. In fact.. the waving of their wings lent a somewhat cozy look to the place. It was agreed amongst the animals of the lake that a party should be held at Kevin's Pit.. of course no-one thought to ask Kevin if he minded. Kevin had just settled down to watch Dragons Den.. one contestant had just been barbequed and another was waiting to see if he had answered correctly when there was a loud knock on the door...

Image credits Snakes and Rats, Autumn Window and Skulls and door by Rick St Dennis, MFA. Background various elements by Mischief Circus and Scrapper's Delights.

Please come back on the 3rd for more of this Creepmas Tale.

Creepmas Froggy offerings can be linked below.


  1. Love Sue's stories!! Lots of exciting makes to look at today - may have to have a go at making those blocks!!

    1. Yes those blocks are awesome I really want to try but such a lot of work LOL and we are so happy to have Sue's story with us this month! Thanks for having a visit with us xx


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