Sunday, December 13, 2015

Someone's been sleeping in MY spoon!

And it's still there!

With hand curved comfortably over a full tummy. (Probably still full of Thanksgiving Turkey as well as Christmas cake)
If you're wondering, those are black mica flakes and very tiny gold beads masquerading as... food?
And his headdress is made from peacock and chook feathers.
Asleep in the spoon, is this a weird being?
The tiki is light green Opals (utee) melted in a silicon mold from Krafty Lady in Australia, 
The black mica flakes and flower stamens came from Silver Crow Creations
And yes, that IS the bowl of a spoon he's nestled into.
I took part in a spoon-doll swap last month.  This fellow I sent off, and below is the one I received.  On a fine day in the sun, she's a slightly vague oldish ... Goldilocks?  Surely not!!!  At night... well let's just say I wouldn't be surprised if in fact it was Little Red Riding Hood's Grandma... after the wolf took her over?  "Oooh Grandma, what huge wings you've grown"... "All the better to use up that leftover resin, my dear"
Freaky Creepmas, my friends, CT Anne!

Another chapter of Sue's story!  How many of you are enjoying this story?  Wow!  That is a lot of "Yeahs"!!!  So here we go! 

Another flamin' knock at the bloomin' door. Kevin really just couldn't be bothered to open it so just yelled COME IN! The door swung open and there stood a chap with candles on his head.......    Terry felt immediately at home. No-one ever actually invited him to parties but he was always made welcome at Birthday parties... but just 8year old's Birthday parties. It didn't really make a difference that he hadn't actually been invited to this one. He had read about it on Bloodbook and thought it would be nice to catch up on all the news after Nan's rescue of the lake fishes. Suddenly there was the biggest... CRASH! The zombie kids had broken Fifi's water bowl. The tree had toppled over and was crushing the presents which finally burst their boxes and lay there.. no longer moving. Reg (The tree) had a fixed snarl where his mouth should be and a glazed eyeball hanging out. His reign of terror was over and Nan and Donna dragged him through the mayhem of what once was the kitchen and out the back door. They managed to get him as far as the outside loo and bundled him under a bush to be dealt with after Creepmas. They then nipped round to the front of the house and let themselves in. Sharon was shouting in the kitchen and the remaining fingers were walking all by themselves over the blood splattered kitchen floor. Val was trying to keep Lucy away from the sherry which didn't make much difference as Lucy had already done the rounds of the living room slurping up any drinks that had been left just lying around. Squiddy managed to climb in through the kitchen window (after Sharon had locked the back door) and hit the ground running.. she scooped up fingers as she crouched, taking the corner of the dining room like she was on wheels.
Background Mischief Circus
Come join the fun at Dream in Darkness for the Creepmas season with your entries!
We are waiting for you.......


  1. My condolences on Reg's too-early demise - not even making it to Creepmas Day? Life cut short before he could fulfil his potential? Not fair! As for climbing in windows, sure makes a change from painting them! And all that time spent in high-powered BMWs on Hampton Downs racetrack sure paid off here!

  2. Fabulous spoons!
    And of course another spectacular contribution from Sue!!


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