Thursday, December 3, 2015

We Three Kings of RSD are,

Extra special fun for you today! 

Here is the first Creepmas treat from CT Anne:

We Three Kings of RSD are,
Bringing sharp objects from afar
Claws and teeth and syringes meet
At Santa's sleigh with a tree...

Nurse Rozetta is back, with a couple of friends - Caustic Rattflynger is armed with a couple of rats, and Zombie Cat Dragger is, no surprise here, dragging a cat.  They've got a Christmas tree aboard Santa's sleigh, and are ready to check out the Naughty and the Nice.  Though I'm wondering whether the rats will survive -looks like someone hiding in the sleigh is offering one to the cat.
These 2 characters were created similarly to Nurse Rozetta back in May with the characters being printed onto Transfer Artist Paper (TAP) and "painted" with Jacquard's Dy-na-flow before being stitched like a quilting sandwich and then cut out.

Merry Creepmas Everyone!

And our second treat from our Guest Creative Sue with Chapter 2 of her Creepmas Saga

It's the same every year. Family and friends don't always get on. Sharon had arrived early, she had placed baubles on her hat and had added a slash of bright red lippy. She was ready to party.... but didn't know that it was 'The done thing' to arrive at a party a bit late and to make an entrance! Sharon was a bit miffed. She had left her flying monkeys at home..goodness knows they made such a mess at the last party. Kevin had complained about finding scat in the pot plants and Sharon had tried to follow them around with poop bags but couldn't be everywhere at the same time. Kevin decided to untie just one of the bats to take a message to Val and Leigh who have been living with the ghouls.. the message Kevin gave to the bat was ' Help needed, too many visitors' he hoped this time the message would get through... the message sent by bees with Burt lisping nearly added to the disaster at the lake. Kevin's dog Gerald seemed to have taken a liking to Sharon and kept nibbling her baubles and spitting out the wire bits whilst Sid (Sharon's snake) waited and watched for an unguarded moment to strike! Was that another knock on the door?

   ***Image Credits Witch Tree digi stamp by Rick St Dennis, Background Mischief Circus***

Thank you both for such awesome contributions! Come back on December 5th for the next installment!

In the meantime, evil froggy is getting kinda grumpy! Link up, anything goes except cute! See ya soon!


  1. Thanks Anne for the directions on how you made the fab three kings! Thanks Sue for another great episode...

  2. Love that song Anne! And fab story unfolding love it xx

  3. This could also be "I SAW THREE CREEPS come limping in on CREEPMAS DAY in the evening" Great jobs all-thanks!!!

    1. ROFL - that would go well, too. I got hung up on the fact that they're all bearing "gifts"


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