Friday, December 11, 2015

Guess Who???

CT Nan here with some unexpected news for us at the house and Sue and Kevin!  We opened the door to this:

Yep, it is Joe, Reg the Christmas biting trees, 2nd cousin,  He is well over 8 feet tall at least that was the longest measuring stick he had so who knows? and loooooves Creepmas so much Rick St. Dennis, when doing his portrait for him, named him "Is It Creepmas Yet?"!  He is looking for Kevin's place but for know is bunking with the Frog and that is not going over well at all!  Reg makes sure he is always accompanied by Bubba and Ping, the skulls, on all his travels and of course his best bud, Norville. So that is 4 guests and an evil Frog in one room or basement.  The noises are horrid and we have secretly locked the door and nailed boards across it until we can get rid of the poor dear!

Sue has another thrilling chapter ready for us ( we are not sure how she will take this news! eek!) but here we go with Sue!

There was a knock on the door, then another and another. Kevin wondered what would happen if he didn't open it. He is a polite Elf so he and Fifi flung open the door and there... three children. Something wasn't quite right. They weren't singing or handing over cookies. They just grunted 'appy Creepmas' and shuffled in wafting a bit of a strange aroma and a trail of skin flakes as they passed by Kevin. Fifi's whiskers twitched as she started hoovering up the flakes without a hoover if you know what I mean. Urgh!

Kevin knew that it wouldn't be a good idea to have the kids in the kitchen with Sharon as last time they met they freaked her out by following her everywhere she went... whispering mummy.. mummy.. mummmmyyyy.... so Leigh helped Kevin shoo them up to the attic playroom where it wouldn't show if anything dropped off them. Anyway a ghost cat lived up there and would sound the alarm if the kids started to go downstairs before Kevin was able to get rid of Sharon.

There was a Tap tap de tap tap.. tap tap on the door. Someone obviously thought they had come to a speak-easy and there was a code knock to be completed. Kevin stomped down the stairs passing another sherry to Lucy as he passed the living room. Best keep her sozzled, she was quieter that way.


Don't forget we are having a challenge still even though we are having this huge party so get your entries in for some RSD digital images for the winner!   And make sure to visit his super store at Zibbet, just follow the link on his name above and look at the awesome huge variety of digital images available!  Last challenge of the year and first ever last challenge of the year for us! so come help us ring out the old loudly and creepily and considerably oddly! 

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  1. awww, thought I had commented already... but those bally Christmas trees are coming alive in far too great numbers! Will we have enough pressies for them? Did anyone tell Santa? Muuummmeeee????

    1. LOL forgot to mail the letter to Santa! Can you imagine me forgetting something???? Hehe


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