Saturday, December 19, 2015

Day 19 of Creepmas Rolls in with CT Granne and Sue's Chapter 10

                       Ho Ho Ho and all that good stuff we are getting down to the wire on Creepmas! Speaking of wires, CT Granne has a friend who got a little too close to the Creepmas lights and water apparently!  Here she is having a moment of Creepmas fun!

Sue is ready to reveal the next chapter!

There was such a racket outside the living room window. By the time Kevin had clambered over the wreckage of the couch which was burping rather loudly and had reached the window he saw Butch peering back at him and behind Butch was the creepiest carousel. It was like the flamin' Dingles had set up for one of their weddings. But here the horses looked nothing like carousel rides. These looked more like nightmares. At least Butch had tried to be a bit festive but he had seen what had happened to Doris and he had decided to stay put in the garden. Kevin thought that someone should have asked permission to erect a carousel in his garden especially one whose creatures weren't as wooden as they should have been. A passing rabbit was scooped up and slowly crunched... just bits of fur was left decorating the snow. Patsy, Graham and Dennis (The zombie kids) came running down the stairs clamoring to get outside. As they sped through the hall Donna flung open the front door and the kids left Kevin's house without even pausing to say Thank You. Donna slammed the door behind them and everyone joined Kevin by the window waiting to see what happened when kids met carousel. Patsy  rammed the remains of Fifi's water bowl into the mechanism and the ride came to a shuddering stop. Dennis and Graham climbed on board the demonic creatures, cuddling their throats with sharpened fingers. Patsy leapt onto the last ride and held fast whilst she knocked the shards of the bowl away with her brothers arm (very kindly lent by Dennis)  The music started and the demons bucked. The kids hung on yelling Tally Ho! The carousel cracked as the demons broke away heading down the lane with the shrieking kids happily bumping into each other scattering forest folk as they passed by the lake.

Background Abandoned for Mischief Circus

Seems as if those pesky kids are gone!  Good job, Donna!  Time is spinning like a demonic carousel and slipping away so enter now for a chance at some RSD digital images!  We are sloshing the nog back and really having trouble typing comments but if you get a slurred, sloppy thank you, you will know we have dropped by your blog!  And to tell a secret, CT Kim is knocking back a whole lot of it so.....we are hoping to have her errrr....level headed for January but that is only an estimate!  
Merry, Merry!


  1. Reckon Frankie Girl IS the tree - she's sure all lit up and showing (almost) everything. And isn't Dennis just the most helpful child, strong-arming the jammed (jammy?) Dish

  2. Love the make featuring Frankie Girl - super background!
    Sue's scene and story are excellent as ever...


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