Saturday, October 22, 2016

HEEELPPPP The Wind Changed!!!

Oh no, Halloween masks, and I tried one on!!!
Not this one - I like to be able to breathe, and the thought of a glow-in-the-dark thing with pincers trying to make me have my own Day of the Dead - well, let's just say, I'm too young to die THAT young.

I started off with papier-mache masks, which I painted with black gesso.  The next layer is acrylic paint.
I got introduced to Kroma's crackle in a Michael deMeng class. Pop in here to see his as well as more conventional ways of using it.  It's a Canadian product, so if you don't live in Canada, Dick Blick is your go-to place, no matter where else you live.  You can tint it with paint as I did, or you can leave it and it dries clear-white.  In the above mask I tinted it green.  Apparently it can take a few days to crackle, especially in humid or cold weather.  Well it may be winter here, but with the log burner in action, it started crackling withing a couple of hours.  It can flick off, so to seal it, before doing anything else, brush a layer of medium (matte or gloss) over it, let it seep into the cracks.  You want cockroaches, and other insects?  Try Silver Crow Creations and look for their "Better Quality" cockies.  Yummy yummy!!!  though I will admit to "saucing up" this one, with interference purple paint and Vat Orange paint.  The black ants got interference blue paint.

Now for the one that got me in trouble. A rather tasty mouse - white pepper (paint) lightly brushed over the high spots -is trying to clear out the sinuses perhaps?  While the spiders crawl around to find an eye socket, weaving their hot-glue webs as they go.  Overhead, a Things To Alter bat is pretending to be a Third Eye, and the second eye has a barbwire piercing.
I thought I would look bee-yoo-tee-ful wearing it.  Big Mistake!  Can older people tell me, is this uglification just a stage?  Will I grow out of it, like I grew out of "puppyfat", measles and hot cars?  I hope the wind changes soon.
That mouse reminds me of this cartoon that's been around for decades
OK, so now it's your turn.  Post your weird and wonderful pieces back on Day 1, then hop on over to the next person in the 31 Days of Halloween Blog Hop.


  1. those are some horrible masks.
    You are very brave to let
    the mouse try to get in your
    Love the cartoon.

  2. I think the mask is great. You need a snake tongue for the mouse. The answer is no. It just all sags more. Unless you want to take up healthy habits and stuff which sounds like too much work to me ;P

    1. I already "do" healthy habits. Except exercise. This body doesn't "do" exercise. Unless DH is involved, in which case that's TMI!

  3. Oh dear me! You finally show up and wearing a rat...typical Anne! LOL Love that crackle stuff off to search it out! And I am with Viki who wants to do all that healthy stuff to stave off the age thing?? Not me! xx

    1. At least it's not the same mouse/rat I posted in fb for you!

  4. Bwahahahaha....creeptastic doesn't begin to describe this LOL!


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