Thursday, October 6, 2016

Trick or Treaters

I hope you're all stocking up on treats, because I'm sending out a host of Collectors.  I just hope nobody nasty is inside this castle, as my buddies are having fun through the forest, the more acrobatic ones swinging from branch to branch:

I like making Stuffies, and these are so simple:  a fine-wove fabric (and I put my foot through an Egyptian cotton sheet just after making these, so guess where it's headed).  Run some dyna-flo washes through it, stamp your buddy with Stazon or Indian ink, and start colouring them in.  Put another layer of fabric behind them, stitch around the outside leaving an opening for stuffing, Stuff them then stitch them up completely.  Big Head Skeleton isn't back in the Third Stone catalogue yet
Meet Rasta - his dreads are still developing, but his hair has a truly a scrofulous texture: one of those horrible "gritty" fake fur fabrics!

Curly's hair is made by knitting a corkscrew (and they said it could only be done in crochet!  Cast on heaps of stitches and knit 1 row. Row 2: K3tog across the row.  Next row, k3tog across the row. Cast off remaining stitches.  I did it on a knitting machine - still faster than by hand!  If you prefer a crochet hook, chain a length. Turn, miss 1 st, 3dc into every chain across the length.  Chain 1, turn, 3dc in every stitch. Any Americans reading this, you call a dc a sc!
 I think this fella fell inna bath with a load of cake decorating sprinkles!
Leave us some love, and these fellas some carrots please.
AND your own creep makes can be shared back on 1 October post,
AND we're in the middle of the 31 Days of Halloween blog hop, so stay one step ahead of that Eeville Froggie, and hop to the next blog of the day.


  1. I love your stuffies now I want to make some! No time right now but I am going to do it one day...and where are YOU??? The sewing machine is in your room and you still pulled off these fab guys?? My my how you baffle us! xx

  2. Aww, what a faaaabulous trio - must say, Rasta is my fav. Hmmm, wonder if he would let me plait his hair?? :=D

    1. It won't plait - it'll fall out partway along the roots. m Must be something he "eats"!

  3. Was it an accident when your foot went
    through the sheet???
    these would be cute to give some of
    the special trick/treaters who come
    to the house. thanks for the idea.

    1. My plan this year is to tie them to the front gate with a "Take One" sign so the trick-or-treaters don't come up to the house and I can continue to craft undisturbed :)

  4. Think I may have to make some of these stuffies!

  5. LOL, I love your stuffies, they're so darn cute! I just happen to be working on a stuffie of my of my dolls demanded a Halloween dollie of her own ;0)

  6. OMG, these are so fun, creepy & cute. Is that even possible?!


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