Sunday, October 30, 2016

To Recycle Is To Reincarnate?

Isn't she cute?  And so very very pink!!!!  But rest assured, Dear Reader, that Will Not Last!!!
Her head turns on its torso
and underneath, as you roll her along, the whole body turns.
You'll just have to take my word for it (and some closeup examination of the next pics) that I retained both movements.  On occasion I have accidentally recorded a movie on the camera, but do you think I can do that on purpose?  Even with the manual downloaded???  This piece is an amalgam of Michael deMeng's Twisted Toyland class and his current Skullduggery class
Those little pink ponytails have been turned into horns, I think.
Aves apoxie clays are 2-part, air drying, and take texturising, drilling and paint well.  Though I poked the earring through the clay before it set to create the hole, then removed the earring until the painting was finished as well. Awww, that tutu is soooo cute!!! One can only wonder about Snarly peeking out from above though...
As I built up the head with clay, it became apparent that she wasn't centred on the spinning base - she was leaning backwards.  Thickening the base and adding the skulls around the bottom fixed that, but her skinny one leg was also too soft a plastic to cope, so I beefed her leg up some.  And gave her teeth!  Her eyes stayed white sockets for quite a while, then I had one idea that morphed when I picked up some foamy packaging that had the recycle labels on the edge.
And in full regalia
Her earrings tell us that she's dead, she has the keys to the gates of... and she's armed to the teeth to dance 'n roll out of this life into the next.  Welcome to Day of the Dead.

Are you following the 31 Days of Halloween blog hop?  The list is on the sidebar.
And if you've been celebrating the season artistically, creating some off-beat, dark, weird other piece, share it here - someone's got to win that excellent skellie, before Evil Froggy makes off with it.
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  1. OMG hahaha...she is AWESOME!!! :D XXX

  2. You would never believe what was under
    all of that embellishing.
    fun project.
    thanks for sharing.

  3. Well that is one excellent demon creature!

  4. This is fantastic! Awesome work.
    Happy Halloween!


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