Sunday, October 23, 2016

What Do You See in the Mirror?

CT Nan, here, with my version of a fabulous project I saw that had mirrors and figures coming out of the mirror all in shades of white and gray.  It was truly breathtaking!  I went for a much smaller less detailed try and of course, had just broken yet another mirror (and I wonder at my continuing misfortunes?) so the fun began.  I painted the mirror fragment with Grumbacher's Modeling Paste and when dry I scrubbed off to let the mirror show through in places.  I had taken a small skull and pressed into 3 balls of air dry clay and let dry.  Then carefully sprayed both the mirror, clay embossed skulls, and tulle with some Nuance powder mixed in a spray bottle with water.  Carefully because air dry clay will melt away on you if too wet!

And what else but a lovely piece of pink ribbon to finish my ghostly wall hanging!

I know you know my next words...BUT off you go to the next name on the list and leave them some love, please?  And, also, keep those entries coming in here at Dream in Darkness!  We are watching you have any mirrors in YOUR house??  Now don't let your imagination run wild with you........or should you?????


  1. Good way to use a broken mirror -
    will that negate the 7-years of
    bad luck? Hope so.
    Fun project.
    thanks for sharing.

  2. Mary, I seriously doubt it negates the luck but at least found a way to make if work for me after it did all of its damage! Thanks xx

  3. I only have the one that came with the bathroom. LOL

    1. Watch that thing, Viki! They can turn on you so quickly! xx

  4. Don't forget we are mistresses of the night Nan..that means broken mirrors bring us good luck just like black cats passing our paths!

  5. I think you had fun with this Nan!