Monday, October 10, 2016

Addicted to Death

Addictions grab people in terrible ways, so here's a more sombre take on getting "spooked" to death today.   The Paper Whimsy Steampunk Queen kit, with one of the faces from their collage sheets, and articulate-able arms features today.  The body and cage were "painted" with Lava Gel tinted with my favourite rust-paint colour.  Because the face stamp on the other side  is larger than this, I had the opportunity to give her some hair - texture paste painted brownish
 Whether it's P, or PMT  a woman can turn into a bone-breaking raging hulk!  And with red-coloured tar gel as blood dripping from her arms, was she driven so such lengths? Is that barbed wire below, what she used, or some more sinister needle? Or do we "blame" a man? Steampunk man of course.

Further down, it's not crabs getting at her, but a skull-backed spider inside her.  The skull was resin cast in a mold with a bit of light blue put in before the resin.  Then glued to a spider.  And if you've missed finding any in the halloween shop-stock, try Silver Crow Creations (also for cockroaches and other insects)
Here's the other side of her - not any nicer!  She'll never make old bones, nor see the backside of 20 - those pills will be the death of her.

The Gibson Girl face stamp ( Lost Coast Designs) is larger than the collage face on the other side, so it dictated how much hair I could add on the other side. Things To Alter have a great variation of a hooded skull, which backs on to their steampunk man on the other side.They also do the barbed wire hanging down over the spider.  Most of what you can see added on are from Silver Crow Creations - the dresden spider web, hooded skullbead, wee metal bones, pill capsules, tiny posed lady...
So please take good care of yourselves, don't let yourself be Tricked into a downward, destructive spiral.  Instead Treat Evil Froggy by expressing and sharing the dark side in your art here
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To backtrack to those Trick or Treat stuffies a few days ago, Val at Third Stone Stamps is still putting everything back in her new web site, so let her know you want the kids. 
And then move on... to the next link in  this 31 Days of Halloween Blog Hop.


  1. such warped imagination.
    Love it.
    thanks for sharing.

  2. Oooo Anne! This is such a deep and striking piece of altered art! I am still in awe of how you do these things! Awesome awesome awesome! xx

  3. She is one creeptastic lady! Your twisted imagination knows no bounds that's for sure!

  4. Wow, what a wicked imagination you have! This is just so creative.

  5. Thanks everyone. "P" (methamphetamine) has been much in the news lately, it's nasty wicked stuff, but it's not the only addictive substance around over the centuries.


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