Sunday, October 2, 2016

Scrabbling for a Song~Day 2 31 DOH

It started with a kiss...  my wallet kissing a load of Junque Shoppes, on what is normally a 4-hour drive to my daughter's family, but which added over 100 km and 4 hours travel time.  Looking forward to a cosy evening with daughter, I had forgotten Friday night is her Colouring At Home evening.  Oooh, the challenge!  I don't colour, I'd brought nothing to craft with, I had NOTHING.... or did I?  My wallet had opened for a scrabble set, which I got for the letters.  So there's my canvas.  Walking past a Rock shop earlier I'd picked up a free copy of NZ Musicians magazine - and that was on the way to a decent art shop, where I'd picked up a couple of water-soluble oil paints and some Atelier tinted black acrylics.  So I borrowed a paintbrush and glue stick, and started picking "ransom" words and letters, collaging onto the scrabble board, and meeting daughter's colouring-in friends.  I also carefully cut out a guy with a microphone, used him as a stencil and mask as well as collaging him.  So I brought it home this far along:
We have farewelled a few great musicians in recent times... David Bowie, Elvis (again???) and it's nearly John Lennon's anniversary, so the scrabble-ouija board invited their shades along to this song fest.
Now about that Ghostopus - did you find it on Day 1?  A Spellbinder die on some of that foam plastic-y packaging, a double-letter score for the G and the S, and a triple word score all over should match all those tentacles.
 Mad Rat have witches flying everywhere, including across this board.  Sponging off some of the water-soluble oil paint freed up the depth of colour so you can see there's a witch in that ghostly-green silhouette.  You'll be hearing more about Grumbacher another month.

Third Stone Stamps have a huge selection of skeletons to dance and flip and laze about, including the cat dancing under the octopus.  The Rubber Dance feather makes a pretty good skeletal spine too.  It's all about recycling here, and re-interpreting, too.
I'm sorry about the bilious pink watermarks - my teamies insisted we use pink through this Halloween month, and I don't "do" pink, so I hope they're satisfied!
So if you hear music on the wind, or from deep inside the planet, watch the wall my darling, while the "gentlemen" sing by.
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  1. what an unusual project - love how you used what you had to hand for this xx Michelle (catzncards) xx

  2. This is the definition of thinking outside the box to be creative. Awesome!

  3. oh fabulous..made me smile haunting up all the old guys out of the dirt so to speak for some blues and rock...awesome art and fabulous imagination. Happy Day 2

  4. the idea of morphing a Scrabble board into a ouija board XXX

  5. talk about taking bits and pieces and
    making them into something fantastic.
    Sorry about the pink - we all have our
    crosses to bear. Tell them you want
    to pick the color next year.
    thanks for sharing

    1. At least the double word scores are pink LOL

  6. What a great collage! Love that you took an discarded Scrabble board and made it into a piece of art! AWESOME! thanks for sharing. Happy 31 DOH!

  7. Glad I could see where the ghostopus was...
    Love this creation - it's giving me ideas! I wonder if I have a snakes and ladders board anywhere?

    1. Oooo Susan! Do find one and do something fantastic with it! But promise to show us?? Thanks for stopping by xx

    2. If you do, I have some glow-in-the-dark millipedes, snakes and crabby claw-ey lobsters for you :)

  8. Totally fabulous dear Anne! Love all the blast or ghosts from the past! And LOVE that pink watermark! I don't have one....sob sob!

  9. Octopi are really getting around these days. Kevin the kracken from the Art Sherpa seems to get in every painting of late.

  10. Wicked cool, I love altering the actual game boards too!


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